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Delivery systems

Stabilizing and protecting

A flavour as bright as its orange hue. A foamy pour with bubbles that last until the beverage is gone. A pill that’s easy to swallow and fast-acting. That’s the power of Ingredion Idea Labs™ Delivery Systems innovations. This effort helps you address consumer trends and solve your challenges of delivering such precious ingredients as flavours, fragrances and nutrients in consumer products.

For nearly a decade, Ingredion has built proprietary technologies around emulsification and encapsulation. They help you protect and stabilize your active ingredients in products from foods and beverages to personal, home and fabric care to supplements and medicines. These products answer the trends in superior quality and sensory experiences, health and nutrition, affordability, and pure and simple.

For example, with the quality and sensory-building capabilities of these technologies, colours can be brighter and flavours bolder. Foams and froths can add fun, sensorial appeal. Fragrances can endure throughout the full cycle of a product, such as detergents and fabric softeners that deliver lasting fragrances people associate with the scents of “home” and “clean.”

These cost-effective specialty ingredients enable you to deliver active components, like flavours and vitamins. They work in systems that present environmental challenges, such as high temperatures and the presence of oxygen during processing or shelf life. Ingredion’s ever-expanding toolbox of nature-based ingredients such as starches from corn, tapioca and potato, extracts from the quillaja tree and vegetable-based proteins enable you to conquer these challenges. You’ll also find new market benefits, from saving money to simplifying product labels and delivering hard-to-work-with nutrition ingredients in foods, beverages and supplements. 

Deliver functionality and stability

With emulsification, the ingredients preserve the functionality and quality of final products—from dressings such as mayonnaise, which is essentially an emulsion of oil, egg, lemon juice and seasonings, to home care applications, such as body wash with fragrance oils. In the world of beverages, flavours drive the formulation decision, and most flavours, colours, actives and nutrients used in formulating beverages are oil-based. Emulsifiers are used to hold the flavour oils in suspension and to stabilize the concentrated emulsion during storage and transport, as well as in the final beverage.

Our naturally-derived encapsulation ingredients can help solve even the most challenging problems.  Encapsulants help you protect your active ingredients by embedding them in a powder and holding them in a matrix. Think powdered drink mixes and herb and spice blends; transform any oil soluble, volatile and/or oxidation sensitive ingredient into a solid, free flowing powder that is protected from harsh environmental factors.

Innovating for tomorrow

We are pushing the boundaries of these technologies to see how they can be used in industrial processes such as plating and for delivery of ingredients to improve crop yields. Ask us how we can help you stabilize and protect your active ingredients.

...for you and your consumers

Our scientists have developed a way to get efficiencies across your operation with PURITY GUM® Ultra high-efficiency emulsifier. This patented OSA starch allows you to create twice the beverage with the same amount of emulsion. This translates into savings across your operation, from storage to transportation. In addition, your manufacturing efficiency is optimized through PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier’s ability to disperse quickly without dusting, saving you time and cleanup.

This emulsifier works well in cloudy non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages, including those with challenging actives, such as omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and vitamins in weighted and non-weighted systems. You also can remove weighting agents (such as Ester Gum and SAIB) from your label and still achieve a highly stable beverage.

In the case of CAPSUL® encapsulant, a high-performance ingredient protects and delivers flavours, carotenoids, fatty esters, and vitamins to numerous types of products ranging from bartender drink mixes to bakery mixes and supplements.

We are innovating to create food emulsions with lower fat and fewer or no eggs. Ingredion’s N-CREAMER® 2000 starch, for example, was developed to replace eggs in salad dressings and caseinate salts in coffee creamers. It offers excellent emulsion stabilizing and encapsulating ability. In sensory testing, egg-free dressing prototypes made with N-CREAMER® 2000 starch demonstrated characteristics similar to the control and texture that was better in comparison to commercial egg-free dressing. This is just one of many advances in emulsification under way at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres.

One of the latest ingredient technologies from Ingredion is FOAMATION™ foaming agents. These ingredients, which are sustainably sourced from the quillaja saponaria tree can create stable, lasting foams in a range of beverages from soft drinks to beer. They even help increase overrun in frozen carbonated beverages or FCB’s, helping you save money on raw materials. Most of all, FOAMATION foaming agents create fun and memorable drinking experiences, giving you an edge in the market.

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