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Sweetness for today and tomorrow

Sweetness in foods and beverages is a balancing act of taste, texture, labelling and costs. How much of this? How little of that? The Sweetness innovations of Ingredion Idea Labs™ science-based problem solving help you find the answers and achieve the right balance as you deliver on the trends:

  • Clean and simple, with implications for naturally based, non-GMO and organic sweeteners
  • Health and nutrition, with interest in reducing sugar
  • Distinctive sensory experiences, with the ever-present need to make foods and beverages delicious and even indulgent
  • Affordability for both you and your consumers

As always, we start with consumer insights to help you understand the feelings and nuances behind your consumers’ sweetness preferences. New research has identified five sweetness consumer personas—from nothing-but natural “Naturelles” to the sugar-loving “Care-free” group. These substantiated personas shed light on lifestyles, attitudes and deeper concerns that shape consumers’ sweetness preferences. 

Teaming up with texture

Your recipes are better when you keep texture top of mind as you formulate for sweetness. The two dimensions together create the memorable sensory experience we all enjoy when we eat. To achieve synergies in this area, we moved our global sweetness research and development facility to the same location as our primary applied texture research facility at our global innovation centre in Bridgewater, N.J., U.S.A.  In sugar reduction projects around the world, our sensory teams tackle sweetness and texture at the same time to get the combination just right.

When you work with us, you get the advantage of our proprietary DIAL-IN® Sweetness technology—a mix of data, experience and process knowledge for perfect sweetness and functionality. Combining this with our DIAL-IN® Texture technology, you can address multiple important product considerations holistically.

Every trend brings a new set of challenges for you to balance and overcome. Here’s how we help you.

Clean and simple. At Ingredion, you can stay ahead of the curve with stevia, now broadly recognized and accepted by consumers. We have grown stevia crops for many years, developed from a proprietary cultivar and protected by a strictly enforced crop-to-consumer production process. With our fully owned and integrated stevia plantation in South America, you benefit from an even higher level of consistency and quality in our ENLITEN® Reb A stevia.

Non-GMO. With one of the broadest portfolios of non-GMO sweeteners available, you will find new ways to get the label claims you seek.

Nutrition minus. Through our Sweetness innovations, we offer many ways to reduce sugar and calories, including caloric and non-caloric sweeteners, dextrose, high-intensity sweeteners, polyols and stevia-based sweeteners. Our comparative sweetener studies help us choose what is best for your reformulated product.

Sensory appeal. Many of the best-loved consumer products taste sweet—and we want yours to be among them. Our sensory panels use the SWEETABULARY® sweetness language to translate the many ways that consumers communicate their sweetness preference (layers of sweetness that appeal to consumers) into scientific language to guide formulation. The result? Delicious indulgences that become all-time favourites.

Affordability. Sugar is still the industry standard in terms of the sweetness experience (calories and cost)—and it is one of the most expensive ingredients to replace. Our scientists can help you bring the amount of sugar down to very low levels, using other ingredients to achieve the desired sweetness and texture profile. Some of our high-intensity sweeteners are from 200 to 600 times sweeter than sugar, allowing for extremely low cost-in-use solutions. Our polyols, for example, have only about half the calories—and all the bulk—of sugar and are highly cost effective.

You are invited to work directly with our sweetness experts at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, where science-based problem solving and spirited collaboration speed the development of better solutions.

  • We can help you perfect the attributes of sweeteners, even in applications like bakery, confectionery and dairy where building back texture can be challenging.
  • Our strong formulation knowledge—supported by expert sensory panels and a wide range of texturizers—can help you solve challenges like bulking, freeze point in ice cream and textural properties in cereal bars.
  • We also work with your processes to ensure our ingredients perform the way you need them to—plus, exploring process improvements can help you reduce your manufacturing costs.

Discover the source of innovation that’s ready to help you answer the trends in sweetness both today and tomorrow. Collaborate with us at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres.

TRUETRACE® non-GMO sweetener 

Destination: Sweet 
Ingredion's non-GMO TRUETRACE® program makes all the difference. Let us show you how we trace our products from start to finish.

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