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Consumer insights

Drive success with insights

What new fresh foods will your Millennial consumer crave next year? Which label claims will ensure your pulse protein bar lands in more shopping carts? And does your target customer prefer crunchy or chewy? Our consumer research, global trends analysis and CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design  approach generate proprietary findings that can make the difference between a so-so product (or worse) and a winner. 

We put your consumers at the heart of everything we do at the Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers. From the moment we start working together, we get to know your targets inside and out, analyzing your consumers’ preferences, motivations and behaviors as they relate to the latest global and local trends. With clear formulation goals in mind, we then collaborate with you to  deliver one-of-a-kind eating or drinking experiences. To do this takes sensory and preference testing of prototypes and label claims.

We do the legwork, testing everything, from cheese sticks with children and teens to dysphagia food and beverage thickeners for the elderly who find swallowing difficult. The insights we produce enable you to sell your ideas in your own company more powerfully—and sell your company’s products more effectively in the marketplace.

The way eating and drinking should be

Deliver the most appealing eating and drinking experiences. 

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