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Engage the senses like never before

The luxurious yogurt that your consumer enjoys so much she deems it “her forever brand.” The addictively crispy snack that has couples competing for the last bite. The frozen pasta entrée that makes the cares of the day fade away with tender texture, aromatic herb flavours and comforting creaminess. Consumers truly want compelling sensory experiences – appearances, tastes, flavours and textures so satisfying that they evoke emotional connections with the brands that deliver them.

At Ingredion, we are working with you not just to optimize sensory profiles but to transform it and set new standards of delight in the minds of your consumers that result in repeat purchases! Consumers’ expectation of exceptional sensory experiences is a global trend, and we are here to help you become the trendsetters.

Understanding sensory preferences

Creating sensory experiences your competition cannot match requires a deep understanding of what drives liking for consumers and what the expectations are for a category of product. Ingredion research keeps you ahead of what is new and next!

We know, for example, that texture is a strong determinant of product liking and repeat purchase. As part of our texture innovation work, Ingredion conducts qualitative research in the U.S. on consumer behaviour and lifestyle trends on a consistent basis. One example is understanding how consumers eat by matching mouth behaviours to define distinct eating styles. 


You can create the next bubble tea sensation or a truly amazing vegetarian sausage. Whatever your application, your formulation can answer more than one trend in a single product. Our global sensory capability provides all the tools you need. For example, our experts can help you identify exact sensory preferences through precise consumer testing and descriptive analysis. As part of our proprietary DIAL-IN™ technology, you can define the sensory profile of your product, with help from our trained in-house sensory expert panels who use our TEXICON™ texture language and SWEETABULARY™ sweetness language to ensure consistent understanding. Panels quantify attributes to allow us to build texture and sweetness maps that fingerprint the sensory profile and compare it to your competition.

The experts of Ingredion can help you meet demand for unique sensory experiences in affordable ways. Our work in imitation cheese has produced 15% to 18% protein content imitation mozzarella cheese for pizza and other cheese applications with all the functionality expected of cheese: firmness, shreddability and stretchability. Another example of great sensory made affordable is using our FOAMATIONTM foaming agent in fun-to-drink frozen carbonated beverages.

Through our unsurpassed global sensory capability, broad portfolio of ingredients and Save Money program, you can create savoury crispy flatbreads that crackle with each bite, jelly candies with tender but chewy appeal, bath bar soap with creamy feeling or household cleaners that smell pleasingly lemony and fresh.

Unlock the sensory experiences your products can deliver—and create products consumers will return to, repeatedly. Innovate with us.

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We’re innovating to deliver consumer-winning solutions. 

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