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Optimize recipe cost while maintaining product quality with Ingredion expertise

One of your top challenges today is making your foods and beverages more cost effective, while also delivering a great eating or drinking experience unlike any other.

With Ingredion, you gain a skilled partner ready to help you substitute more expensive ingredients with more affordable options, while preserving or maintaining texture, taste and other sensory and functional characteristics.

Discover how our holistic approach driven by consumer insights, formulation expertise and process understanding can help you optimize your recipe costs — without sacrificing product quality.

Explore cost-saving case studies

Improved batter and breading adhesion

Learn how to keep the crispiness consumers crave, while reducing product waste.

Find out more about how we can help you reduce operational costs and product waste with our specialty starch solutions.

Cream and fat reduction

Learn how to cut cream, without cutting creaminess.

Find out more about how our reduced fat formulation and co-texturizers can reduce recipe costs by up to 25%.

Tomato solid replacement

Discover the secret to saucy goodness, using less tomato solids.

Find out more about our tomato solids replacement solutions deliver a lower cost and flavorful eating experience.

Explore your recipe savings opportunities

Learn how to optimize costs while maintaining
delicious quality.

Can cost savings come with off-the-grill goodness? 

Boost yield while giving your emulsified meats that just-right bite with PENBIND® 1015 modified potato starch.

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Innovate to save money

Discover holistic savings throughout your operation

Get the most out of your meats

Differentiate your products, with affordability in mind

Differentiate your dairy products

Deliver a delicious, nutritious difference in your dairy products

Going for delicious in savory foods

Deliver the clean label ingredients and texturizers consumers demand
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