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VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins

Replace sugar and deliver dietary fiber with VERSAFIBEdietary fibers

Today's shoppers are seeking more fiber — in fact, 70% of consumers feel digestive health is very/extremely important1  and understand the need to increase fiber in their foods. At the same time, sugar monitoring is at a 10-year high, with 62% of consumers watching sugar content in their diet.2

With VERSAFIBE™ dietary fibers, you're able to address both trends — creating reduced-sugar/higher-fiber products with just-right textures, and bringing fiber’s health benefits to a wide range of gluten- and grain-free products.

Build back bulk and texture in reduced-sugar foods and beverages

Solve the challenges of functional build-back (FBB) in reduced-sugar recipes with VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber  — ideal for adding back the bulk, texture and functional aspects of sugar important to your product’s eating or drinking experience.

  • Contributes up to 25% sugar reduction across a wide range of applications
  • Use with high-potency sweeteners like stevia to match the sweetness of full-sugar controls
  • Minimal effect on taste or color
  • Labels as “soluble corn fiber” to contribute clean label appeal

Differentiate your products with higher fiber 

With VERSAFIBE™ dietary fibers, you can go beyond achieving important claims of "gluten-free" and "grain-free" on your labels, to help your products stand out in the marketplace with claims like “good source of fiber” or “excellent source of fiber.” 

VERSAFIBE™1490 dietary fiber

This insoluble dietary fiber won’t impact the taste, texture or color of your products. So you can introduce dietary fiber and provide a great eating experience in bakery products, cereals, snacks and pastas.

  • Potato-based, resistant starch
  • Low water-holding capacity
  • Improves texture
  • Grain-free, FDA-approved fiber
  • Ideal as a white flour substitute

Enjoy processing ease-of-use and efficiencies

Ease of use makes VERSAFIBE™ dietary fibers a good choice for getting high-fiber products to market quickly and efficiently. With a water-holding capacity similar to that of wheat flour, VERSAFIBE™1490 dietary fiber brings processing ease while enabling higher dietary fiber fortification at a reduced cost-in-use. VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber offers high process tolerance, with low viscosity and excellent dispersibility.

Reduce sugar, restore the experience

VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber brings back bulk and texture for reduced-sugar formulations.

Help fill the "fiber gap" - deliciously

VERSAFIBE™ 1490 dietary fiber lets you create high-fiber foods without compromising taste and texture.

1Shoppers' Journey Towards Living & Eating Healthier, USA trend study, Health Focus International, 2019
2NMI Ingredion proprietary research, February 2020

HI-MAIZE® Resistant Starch

Proven health benefits in one easy-to-use ingredient.

NUTRAFLORA®—more than a prebiotic fiber

NUTRAFLORA® is the most effective prebiotic fiber for digestive health and mineral absorption for older and senior adults. 

Fiber enrichment

For a wide range of proven fiber solutions, talk to our experts. 

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