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ENLITEN® stevia sweeteners

Sweeten up the sensory experience with ENLITEN® Reb A stevia sweeteners

The type of sweetener you use can matter as much as the level of sweetness. Today’s consumers are looking for foods with “natural” and familiar ingredients they can trust. Meet the natural and simple trend head on and give your products a consistent, clean tasting sweetness with our naturally-based, non-GMO, ENLITEN® Reb A stevia sweeteners.

Put naturally based, non-GMO sweetners in. Take sugar and calories out.

Sweetness is a much-loved part of the eating and drinking experience. But one in three U.S. adults want to cut back on sugar and calories [1]. Now you can create appealing reduced- and no-sugar-added products with stevia sweeteners that taste great. Our versatile ENLITEN Reb A stevia sweetener portfolio gives you leaf-based sweetness solutions that work in a broad range of products – and our extended line with specific Reb A content levels is particularly ideal for achieving the subtle balance desired between sweetness, solubility and other attributes. With Ingredion’s unmatched sweetness, texture and sensory expertise you can develop consumer-winning, reduced-sugar products your customers will love. We can help you reduce the sugar in your products while building back texture and achieving the sweetness levels and taste profiles today’s consumers demand.

[1] Mintel sugar and alternative sweeteners report 2015

Delight with natural sweetness

Discover what stevia can do for reduced-sugar chocolate milk 

Shifting away from sugar

New consumer and industry insights into the sugar-reduction trend. Deliver the sweetness your consumers expect. 

Formulate for sweet success with ENLITEN® Reb A stevia

Put consistent, naturally based sweetness in. Take sugar and calories out.

DIAL-IN® sweetness and texture

Achieve perfect sweetness and texture in your formulations

Sweetness for all

Satisfy every sweetness preference

Sensory experience

Design the perfect sensory experience
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