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Novation starches

Clean up labels with starches that perform

20+ years of clean label innovation with NOVATION® functional native starches

Give your products the texture and process tolerance performance of a modified starch with a clean label alternative. Our portfolio of more than 25 clean label NOVATION® functional native starches lets you formulate on-trend, clean label products rich in texture and taste – with the shelf life stability you need –across a broad range of applications.

As the pioneer in clean label ingredients, we offer the broadest range of specialty clean label starch solutions and formulation expertise available. Having identified the clean label trend in its infancy, we helped turn the trend into a way of life for food manufacturers.

As consumers grow ever-more health conscious, clean labels are becoming increasingly important to them. People want to know exactly what’s going into their food. That’s why you need simple recipes, with ingredients they recognize and trust.

Whatever your clean label challenges, we are here to help amplify your product development. From consumer insights, formulation advice and optimizing texture to increasing process tolerance and helping you manage costs, the Ingredion clean label team is on-hand to support you. We have extensive knowledge of and expertise in a broad range of applications from creamy Greek-style yogurts and flavorful sauces and ready meals to indulgent baked goods and refreshing beverages.

Coupled with our unwavering commitment to deliciousness, your recipes can maintain the 'gold standard' of quality and taste, while a clean label can add considerable value to your product.

Demand for clean label products is growing

Add product appeal, inside and out. 

Explore our ingredient range:

Instant clean label functionality

Create clean label foods with extend cold shelf life stability with NOVATION Prima® 340 instant starch. 

High dispersion ready

Easy-to-disperse NOVATION Prima® 350 instant starch for clean label, cold temperature shelf life stable.

Achieve clean process tolerance

Withstand harsh processing conditions with NOVATION Endura® 0100 starch.

Keep it clean and simple

Explore our clean label starches and flours to find the just-right match for your products.

Get textural and processing stability

No one else offers NOVATION® functional native starches

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