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PRECISA® Crisp texturizers

Optimize texture and crunch

Close the texture gap in baked snacks with snack texturizers

Today’s consumers want baked snacks with ingredients they recognize and that deliver the crunchy, crispy snacking experience expected — so they can both enjoy and feel good about eating them.

Now you can help give consumers the texture they are looking for in baked tortilla chips, crackers and fabricated potato chips with PRECISA® Crisp texturizers. This series of cost- efficient starch texturizers, based on corn, tapioca, potato and sago starches, enables you to modify and create customized textures in sheeted snacks to align with your consumers’ mouth behavior and texture preferences. 

Moving the texture attributes of a baked snack closer to that of a fried snack involves looking at several key differences including dissolvability, moistness and hardness. First, we mapped the sensations consumers experience while eating the different types of snacks. Then different PRECISA® Crisp texturizers were utilized to modulate dissolvability, oily perception, initial bite/hardness, volume of sound, and moistness to create baked snack with optimized texture and crunch.

Descriptive sensory analysis:

Change cracker texture from “soft” and “snapping” to “hard” and “shattering.”

PRECISA Sensory Map

If you’ve ever opened a bag of chips and felt disappointment at seeing a bag full of broken chips you know the frustration that breakage can cause. Reduce breakage and increase affordability with our PRECISA® Crisp texturizers, which create the binding power and dough cohesiveness needed to prevent sheeted snack breakage and fractures—so your products will be delivered to the consumer looking just as fresh as the day they were made.

  • Improve dough cohesiveness and sheetability
  • Provide a range of expansion and produces light and crispy to hard and crunchy chips
  • Increase consumer preference
  • Produce quality, consistent sheeted snacks
  • Produce baked snacks with clean label or modified ingredient options

Optimize baked snacks

Create baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage.

Answering trends with texture

Discover how our texture innovators are unleashing texture’s power. 

Crack down on breakage

Reduce breakage in sheeted snacks with an ingredient approach.

Enliven snacks with healthy ingredients

Snacks are an experience all their own and consumers want the right mix of satisfying crunch and crisp.

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