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VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrups

Develop product labels that appeal

Bring sugar to new lows with VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrups

Consumers can compare products and the Nutrition Facts panel side-by-side when mulling over which product they ultimately want to take home. Through proprietary research, we know that consumers prefer products with less sugar and that come with the sweetness experience they love. Sixty-one percent of consumers in our study said that “added sugar” on the nutrition label would negatively impact their purchase intent.[1] Combined with changing sugar regulations in the U.S. and Canada, addressing consumers’ desire for lower sugar on nutrition labels is becoming more important than ever.

Help make your label more appealing in your confectionery, dairy, ice cream and baked good products with VERSASWEET™ low-sugar corn- or tapioca-based glucose syrups. The low-sugar syrups are 1/3 as sweet as sucrose and have a 50-70% lower percentage of mono- and disaccharides (DP1 + DP2) when compared to traditional glucose syrups – so you can sweetly reduce sugar on your product labels. 


 [1]Ingredion proprietary research, Matchbox, 2017

VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrups have a clean taste, very similar to traditional glucose syrups and offer similar functionality and processability, so you don’t have to change your machinery. That means you can be up and running in hardly any time at all when you move from traditional glucose syrup to our low-sugar versions.

  • Labeled as glucose syrup, corn syrup or tapioca syrup
  • Non-GMO corn, tapioca and low viscosity options are available
  • Stable to heat and acid and has low Maillard reactivity
  • Clear color
  • Contains the same caloric and carbohydrate content as traditional glucose syrups

Like other products of its kind, VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrups have a lower percentage of mono (DP1) and disaccharides (DP2) percentages versus standard glucose syrups. [DP is Degree of Polymerization].

  • Both the U.S. and Canada currently define “sugars” (U.S.), or “sugars/sucre” (Canada), as total grams of mono- and disaccharide per serving for the Nutrition Facts label. For details, please visit or

As you work to bring products to market that have more appealing labels compared to your competitors, utilize our in-depth understanding of sweetness as a complete sensory experience and our broad portfolio of innovative sweetener and texture  sugar-reduction solutions – from naturally-based stevia sweeteners to specialty polyols and short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) and more.

Lower sugar on nutrition labels

VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrups.

Create reduced-sugar foods and beverages consumers crave

Download our application factsheets on reduced-sugar baked goods, beverages and dairy products


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