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Plant the future

Watch and discover how Ingredion is reshaping the future of plant-based proteins.

Navigating the new plant-based world

As demand for plant protein reaches new heights in the food industry, you've got to be fast — to formulate to your own standards, as well as ever-changing consumer tastes. Here's where Ingredion’s plant protein expertise moves you ahead. With our full formulation and applications capabilities, and continuously growing portfolio that includes isolates, concentrates, and flours, the future of sustainably sourced, nutritious plant-based protein is yours to explore. We're committed to plant protein­ — and we're continually investing to help you navigate this developing plant-based world.

of consumers have changed their eating habits due to COVID-19.*

report eating more protein from plant sources.*


Your full menu of plant-based protein options

Tap into our comprehensive portfolio of plant-protein isolates, concentrates and flours for the taste, texture and performance to delight today's protein-seeking consumers.


Boost consumer appeal with our highest levels of protein.


Deliver in-demand protein plus fiber and micronutrients.


Bake in a natural advantage with clean label, gluten-free solutions.


Where can we help you today?

Have a plant-based vision for your specialized food application? From expert nutrition and regulatory guidance, to our centers of excellence for plant-based dairy and meat products, we put our deep capabilities and ingredients portfolio to work to set your products apart. Here are just a few areas where we're helping customers break through with plant proteins:

plant based dairy applications

For just-right textures and nutritional profiles in your vegan cheeses, yogurts and desserts, the Plant-based Dairy Center of Excellence at the Ingredion Idea Labs® global center in Bridgewater, New Jersey, awaits your co-creation projects.

A quarter of consumers report eating more plant-based dairy since the start of COVID-19*

ingredients for plant based meat applications

At our Plant-based Meat Center of Excellence in Englewood, Colorado, we can help you achieve the texture and taste your consumers are looking for in meat alternatives.

1 in 5 consumers report eating more plant alternatives to animal meat since the start of COVID-19*

ingredients for bakery applications

Get exactly the desired level of protein and functionality in enriched baked goods and mixes, and create differentiated vegan snacks that explore new areas beyond wheat and rice.

ingredients for plant based beverage applications

Balance the body and mouthfeel of your RTD beverages with a shorter, more appealing ingredient list.
Create mixes that shake up fast and offer a protein punch consumers will crave.


ingredients for pet food applications

Enrich the protein and keep a clean label to attract pet owners looking for premium products.


Pulse proteins — a force of nature

The future of protein is plant-based ­— and pulses lead the way. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fiber, free of GMOs and low in allergenicity. They enable clean labels and on-trend claims that set your products apart and strengthen their appeal, especially for consumers moving away from soy and wheat protein.

That's why Ingredion’s ever-growing portfolio of plant-based proteins includes isolates, concentrates and flours made exclusively from non-wheat and non-soy-based ingredients like peas, lentils, faba beans, chickpeas and more.

And it's why we've invested in new manufacturing facilities for safe, sustainable plant protein sourcing and processing. By ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance, we're making pulse flours and proteins easy to work with — so you can produce products with great taste, texture and appearance.



*Source: International Food Information Council (IFIC) 2020 Food and Health Survey, June 2020
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