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Functionality made clean and simple

Answer the clean and simple trend and get the performance you need with an ingredient consumers perceive as more “natural” and “healthy” than other ingredients—flour.1

With Ingredion’s innovative line of HOMECRAFT®  multi-functional clean label flours, you’ll get the functionality of a modified starch with labels consumers want. Deliver creamy textures and longer-lasting mouthfeel without compromising flavor. You’ll also get improved shelf life stability as compared with other functional native starches.

Make your soups more scrumptious, your dairy more delightful, and your sauces smoother and silkier with help from our broad portfolio of functional flours. Alternative dairy products can also achieve the indulgent textures consumers expect from these innovative flours. You’ll also be able to respond to other market trends with products that are fiber- and protein-rich, non-GMO, and gluten-free. 

Do more with quinoa

Create nutritious gluten-free foods and bring the benefits of “ancient grains” to your wheat-based products with this superfood flour packed with in-demand fiber, protein, and key vitamins and minerals. Explore HOMECRAFT® Quinoa flour.

Do more with rice

Bring velvety textures, opacity and homemade appeal to your applications with an ingredient that is rated as superior in “natural” perception1 —rice flour. Explore HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours.

Do more with tapioca 

Create indulgent products with consumer-preferred labels2 while optimizing costs with a high-performing ingredient­—tapioca. Explore HOMECRAFT®  Create multi-functional tapioca flours.

Do more with pulses 

Improve the texture, appearance and nutrition profile of your products with protein-rich, gluten-free flours made from lentils, faba beans and peas. Explore HOMECRAFT®  Pulse flours.

1 Ingredion Proprietary Research, Dragon Rouge, 2017
2 Ingredion Proprietary Research, Vision Critical, Clean & Clear Labeling Research, 2016

Find out which texturizers consumers want to see on labels

Get the insights into how consumers view ingredients to help you create products with labels your consumers will love.

CLEAN & SIMPLE simplified

Understand what these terms mean and how to deliver on the demand

Breaking through with Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers Clean Label Flours

Explore our range of HOMECRAFT® flours:

HOMECRAFT® Create rice flours

A world of benefits from a consumer-preferred ingredient

Multi-functional tapioca flours

Entice consumers of clean and simple foods with tapioca flour — and better texture.

HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours

Satisfy demand for nutritious, delicious foods
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