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Boost consumer appeal with pea starch

Create clean label foods that deliver just-right texture

Today’s consumers are looking for foods with great taste and texture made with recognizable, clean label ingredients. With Ingredion's PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch, formulators gain a versatile new option to deliver these desired attributes without compromising taste or color.

PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch expands on Ingredion’s array of starch bases to offer a clean label texturizer with positive consumer perceptions. From firm gels to easier processing, PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch offers key performance and functionality benefits in a wide variety of applications:

  • Anti-caking for shredded cheese
  • Grain-free texturizing in gluten-free baked goods
  • Partially replacing gelatin in gummy and jelly confectionery

Ingredients consumers know and accept

Pea starch is perceived by consumers to be healthier1 than other starches and is accepted as an ingredient2 in a variety of applications ranging from meat emulsions to snacks. Plus, PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch supports today’s most popular label claims, such as non-GMO, vegan, grain-free and gluten-free. 

Expanding our clean label texture toolbox

PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch is part of Ingredion’s growing clean label texture toolbox that empowers product developers to solve formulation challenges with sustainable, on-trend ingredients.

PURITY® P 1002 pea starch is ideal for a variety of applications

Baked goods: Create gluten-free baked goods and dry mixes with similar attributes to gluten-containing products that consumers crave.

Batter & Breaded products: Provide good adhesion and crispy texture in breadings and help maintain those textures over time.

Confectionery products:  Achieve production efficiencies for gummy and jelly confectionery while supporting differentiated and appealing textures.

Meat emulsions and analogs: Deliver a clean label solution for creating firm, meaty textures while improving cook yield.

Noodles: Help meet the demand for on-trend, consumer friendly ingredients in pastas and noodles.

Shredded cheese: Replace cellulose- and potato-based anti-caking agents while providing label-friendly performance.

Snacks: Answer demand for clean label extruded snacks with innovative, just-right textures.

Tumble marinated poultry: Replace phosphate, while delivering good cook yield and flavor.


1 Ingredion proprietary study, shredded cheese consumers, August 2019 

2 Ingredion proprietary ATLAS research, consumer study, global, 2019

Texturizing made clean and simple

Discover how PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch enables on-trend label claims with an ingredient that consumers recognize and accept 

Request a sample

Download technical documentation and order a sample of PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch.

Learn how PURITY® P 1002 native pea starch can solve your application challenges.

Achieve clump-free anti-caking 

Prevent clumping in shredded cheese

Gluten-free bakery

Create baked goods with clean label appeal


Non-GMO, vegan treats

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