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Polyol sweeteners to replace sugar and reduce calories

Sugar-free can be even better than sugar-sweetened. Take an expertly designed sugar-free nutrition bar, a cooling mint or even a light frozen dessert for diabetics and give them a charm all their own with polyol sweetener solutions from Ingredion.

Polyols, also known as “polyhydric alcohols” or “sugar alcohols,” are carbohydrate systems with about half the calories of—and the same bulk—as sugar. They impart a balanced sweetness and enable you to make a sugar-free or reduced-sugar or -calorie claim.

As consumers demand more low- and no-sugar products, Ingredion can help you to achieve the right balance of sweetness, texture and functionality in your formulations. That goes for everything from yogurt drinks to confections using polyols as sugar replacements or blended solutions.

Key polyol functionalities and attributes:

  • “Reduced Sugar,” “Sugar Free”, “No Sugar Added”, or “Reduced Calorie” claims
  • Provide sweetness and bulk
  • Low digestible carbohydrate sweeteners: low glycemic index
  • Caloric value range from 0 to 3 kcal/g
  • Balanced sweetness, clean pleasant taste, body & mouthfeel
  • Versatile functionalities, high processing tolerance
  • Non cariogenic — do not cause tooth decay

70% as sweet as sucrose with only 0.2 calories per gram and functional bulking properties

Reduce sugar and calories in your food and beverage applications while maintaining a delicious, sweet eating experience and consumer-preferred texture. Erythritol is part of the polyol family and is not counted as part of total and added sugars. Ingredion’s non-GMO erythritol sweeteners provide a clean, sweet taste, functional bulking and freeze-point depression in formulations, similar to sucrose, but with no grams of sugar. 


Explore technical documentation and request a sample

>> ERYSTA C40 erythritol

>> ERYSTA C100 erythritol

60% as sweet as sucrose with cool, pleasant taste and excellent humectant properties

Sorbitol is often used in conjunction with high intensity sweeteners to replace sucrose.  In addition, sorbitol is an excellent humectant, freeze point depressant, crystallization inhibitor, and excipient in food applications. A variety of crystalline sorbitol granulations are available to support applications such as frosting, icing, chewing gum, mints and tablets.

Sugar-like taste and performance with a low cooling effect

Maltitol is 90% as sweet as sucrose and with fewer calories.  Maltitol is often used in confectionary, bakery, and ice cream applications, which often allow for 1:1 replacement for sucrose and corn syrup solids for reduced sugar and reduced calorie formulation and labeling.

Non-hygroscopic and inert properties providing stability and protection to finished products

Mannitol powder is used primarily in confectionary and pharmaceutical applications. It has a cool, sweet mouthfeel and will not pick up moisture, which makes it beneficial as a dusting agent in sugar-free gum.

Blends of polyol(s) with high-intensity sweeteners, glycerin and other ingredients

Cost-effectively maximize benefits of polyols and other sweeteners. Performance systems are easy-to-use and offer the convenience of single ingredient manufacturing with a uniform dispersion, ensuring consistency from batch to batch.


Based on Ingredion’s extensive line of polyols for baked goods such as breads, cookies, cakes, icings, crèmes, chocolate coatings and chips, your product can have less calories, less sugars, and less glycemic impact than the full-sugar counterparts.


Custom formulate sugar-free and reduced-sugar confectionery products ranging from hard candy, chewing gum and panned confections to caramels, marshmallow, chocolate and pressed mints. Our technical group can help you brainstorm new products or trouble-shoot technical formulation challenges. We can also provide detailed characterization of shelf life changes related to moisture pickup in response to differences in relative humidity and/ or temperature.


Improve the flavor and texture of no-sugar-added dairy products. We have developed products to replace sugars in ice cream, frozen novelties, yogurts, milk shakes, and yogurt drinks. These dairy products offer reduced calories, sugars and glycemic impact versus their full-sugar counterparts, while delivering exceptional taste and texture qualities.

Consumer health

Ingredion offers a variety of sweeteners, excipients, and low ethylene glycol solutions to help balance and improve your consumer health care formulations.  Our product portfolio provides solutions for cough and cold syrup, medicated hard candies and lozenges, gel caps, medicated gummies and chews, functional chewing gums, and tablet applications.

Personal and oral care

In oral care, sorbitol solutions and maltitol syrups provide a soothing mouthfeel, mild sweetness and a refreshing, cool taste to toothpaste and mouthwash, as well as resistance to dental caries.  Sorbitol provides humectancy, lubricity, and hygroscopicity, which make it an integral ingredient in cosmetic creams, hair care products, and lotions.

Animal and pet nutrition

Our polyols can provide important functionality in a variety of product categories such as pet foods, treats, and other pet care applications.  Polyols can provide exceptional control of humectancy, water activity, moisture balance, sweetness, and mouthfeel.

Polyols to bring non-GMO appeal

Reduce sugar, build bulk back and provide non-GMO appeal that consumers seek.

Sweet and sugar-free with only 0.2 calories per gram

Get the taste and bulking of sugar without all the calories with ERYSTA® erythritol.

Talk to us about leveraging polyol solutions to give you a sweet edge in the market.

Polyols to improve high protein bar formularies

Control moisture, reduce sugar and enhance quality, performance and function with malitol syrups.

Polyols to improve consumer health care applications.

Balance and improve your formulations with a variety of sweeteners, excipients and low ethylene glycol (EG) products.

Polyols for confectionery applications

Ingredient solutions and expertise help you create great-tasting, sugar-free and reduced-sugar confections.

Polyols to meet your personal and oral care formulation needs.

Provide bulk, viscosity and control moisture in cosmetics, oral and personal care applications.

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