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Stevia sweeteners

Reduced sugar solutions powered by the stevia leaf

Creating a balance of just-right sweetness to complement your products taste just got easier. Now you can meet consumer demand for sugar reduction with ingredients that will give your products a sweet taste and keep consumers coming back for more. 

All of our stevia sweeteners start with the stevia leaf and are non-GMO. And through our partnership with SweeGen, we are able to bring next generation steviol glycosides to your bench, enabling even higher levels of sugar reduction than ever before. Our stevia sweeteners are all 200 to 300 times sweeter than sucrose.

Reduced sugar sweeteners from the stevia leaf

To find the “sweet spot” most complementary to your product, determine the sweetness equivalent your product needs and then select one of our stevia leaf ingredients with a a similar sweetness level. With Ingredion’s broad range of stevia sweeteners and dedicated sweetness experts you now have more ingredient solutions to choose from for creating and completing your sugar reduction projects.

Sweetness equivalents of ENLITEN® stevia sweeteners
Note: Reb D usage recommendation based on solubility constraints. All other recommendations based on the target usage level for an optimal, clean taste.


ENLITEN® Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener

ENLITEN® Reb D Stevia Leaf Sweetener


ENLITEN® Fusion 9200 Stevia Sweetener
Recommended stevia sweetener for a 9% sugar equivalence target

ENLITEN® Fusion 7200 Stevia Sweetener
Recommended stevia sweetener for a 7% sugar equivalence target

ENLITEN® Fusion 6400 Stevia Sweetener
Recommended stevia sweetener for a 6% sugar equivalence target

ENLITEN® Fusion 5600 Stevia Sweetener
Recommended stevia sweetener for a 5% sugar equivalence target


ENLITEN® 30002001 High Intensity Sweetener 97% Reb A content

ENLITEN® 300000 High Intensity Sweetener  95% Reb A content

ENLITEN® A810 High Intensity Sweetener 80% Reb A content

ENLITEN® A610 High Intensity Sweetener 60% Reb A content

ENLITEN® A510 High Intensity Sweetener  50% Reb A content

ENLITEN® Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener

High-intensity, zero-calorie sweetener. The new clean taste of sugar reduction.

ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners

Provide targeted sugar reduction at an optimized cost.

ENLITEN® stevia sweeteners

Put consistent, naturally based sweetness in. Take sugar and calories out.

Stevia's sweet appeal 

Discover new research into consumer perceptions of stevia. 

Shifting away from sugar

New consumer and industry insights into the sugar-reduction trend. Deliver the sweetness your consumers expect. 

Meet demand for non-GMO sweetness

Find out what consumers think about GMOs—and what they want from sweet foods and beverages.

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