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Meet Ingredion

Ingredion is a leading global ingredients solutions company. We make sweeteners, starches, nutrition ingredients and biomaterials that are used by customers in everyday products from foods and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals.

We turn corn, tapioca, potatoes, strawberries and other crops into ingredients that make crackers crunchy, candy sweet, yogurt creamy, lotions and creams silky, plastics biodegradable and tissues softer and stronger. And our innovative ingredient solutions help customers stay on trend with simple ingredients and gluten-free or high-fiber foods that appeal to today's consumers.

Grounded in our values of Care First, Be Preferred, Everyone Belongs, Innovate Boldly and Owner's Mindset, we employ over 11,000 employees around the world. Our customers operate in more than 100 countries and represent 60 diverse sectors, including food, beverage, animal nutrition, paper, brewing and other industries.

Care First

We actively work to safeguard and enable the well-being of our people, the quality of our products and our reputation for trust and integrity. 

Be Preferred

We earn the right to be customer preferred by delivering mutual enduring value at every touchpoint of the customer experience.

Everyone Belongs

We embrace diversity and proactively foster an inclusive work environment where each person is valued and feels inspired to contribute their best.

Innovate Boldly

We courageously strive for breakthrough innovations driven by our relentless curiosity, bold thinking, speed of decision-making and agile execution.

Owner's Mindset

We think and act like owners - where everyone takes personal responsibility to anticipate challenges, proactively search for opportunities and make decisions that are in the best interest of the company.

Our Sustainability Plan

It is our aspiration to become the Employer, Supplier, Neighbor, Investment and Company of Choice for our many stakeholders. To do this, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our organization and to adhering to high moral and ethical standards wherever we do business. From our high safety standards, to our investments in operational excellence, to our efforts in environmental conservation, and to our community stewardship activities, we believe that operating in a sustainable manner benefits more than our business; it benefits our communities and our way of life.


2019 Sustainability Report

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