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Beverages and Soft drinks

Deliver a great drinking experience in line with the trends

Your consumers are thirsty for drinks with less sugar, more nutrients, improved functionality, and pure and simple ingredients. They're seeking new beverage options with the added nutritional benefits of plant-based proteins. They also want sensational drinking experiences. You can satisfy all these demands with help from the Ingredion Idea Labs experts. Rely on our decades of beverage innovative experience and exciting new ingredient solutions to help you create delicious beverage success—at the right cost for you.

Explore our beverage capabilities

Create reduced-sugar foods and beverages consumers crave

Download our application factsheets on reduced-sugar beverages, dairy products and baked goods

Flourish with plant-based proteins

Our plant-based proteins and expertise help you create on-trend, in-demand foods for today and tomorrow.

Raise the bar in beverages

Deliver exciting, on-trend beverages with our innovative solutions.

ENLITEN® Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener

High-intensity, zero-calorie sweetener. The new clean taste of sugar reduction.

Virtual Lab. Real solutions.

Visit INSIDE IDEA LABS ™ for formulations, troubleshooting tips, ingredient solutions, and more.

Fun with foam

Create memorable drinking experiences with FOAMATION™  foaming agents made from tree or plant extracts.

See sweetness from all sides

New research defines distinct consumer sweetener segments. Discover opportunities in sweetness. 

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