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Create high performance materials, naturally

High-performance materials, enhanced by nature

Unlock the capabilities of nature. Demand for nature-based content is growing across the board, from bioplastics to solutions for home and personal care. But performance and functionality are crucial to your products’ success. With Ingredion, you can deliver it all. Create new products, improve performance and enhance sustainability.

Take advantage of our versatile technology toolbox with solutions derived from corn, tapioca, potato and an array of biogums. You’ll be guided by our expertise, starting with consumer and market insights all the way to product launch, to incorporate biomaterials into your products and processes. And you can rely on us to keep pushing the frontiers of bio-based polymers to develop ever-better, more sustainable solutions.

Look to Ingredion for bio-based ingredients and functional additives in applications, including:

Personal care

Extraordinary personal care products start with exceptional ingredients.

Packaging solutions

Consumer choice on sustainability starts with the packaging.

Household and fabric care

Meet the demands of the eco-conscious customer.


Products and technologies that can help you develop green solutions.


Create stronger bioplastics with Ingredion's functional biopolymers.

Energy and infrastructure

Biobased energy and infrastructure solutions.

Biopolymer-based solutions that perform

Address the shift from synthetic to “nature-based” packaging. Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

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