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Win over the eco-conscious consumer

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to the household products they buy. They want to know if a product is effective and safe for their families—and if it’s biodegradable and made from nature-based ingredients.

You can bring them the high-performance and sustainable products they are shopping for. With our range of nature-based ingredients, you can provide household and fabric care products that deliver softness and release fragrance more effectively. For example, you can use our ECOSENTEURencapsulation matrix to capture and deliver fragrance in powder detergent applications. And you can save money while increasing sustainability, since our solution uses expensive fragrances more efficiently.

Develop innovative products that exceed consumer expectations for performance and sustainability with our polymer ingredients derived from nature, including native and modified bio-based polymers and polyols. It’s a new day in the household and fabric care aisles. Put your products front and center.    


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