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Achieve sweet success in confectionery

Re-energize or develop new confections that deliver what consumers want—from reduced sugar to non-GMO and added nutrition—with the great taste and texture they love. Explore our innovative ingredients, including polyols, nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, specialty starches, fibers, and hydrocolloids, to find just the right formulation. And rely on our experts to provide detailed characterization of shelf life changes under different humidity and temperature conditions. Whatever your challenges, we can work together to create delicious, on-trend confections. 

We can help you with the following applications:

  • Sugar-free and reduced-sugar confections
  • Chocolate compound coatings
    • Replace gum arabic and form clear, solution-stable films.
  • Chewing gum/sugar-free gum
  • Hard candies
  • Gummy/chewy candies
    • Rapidly increase production and yield, reduce melting and stickiness, create resilient and uniform moulds that allow for efficient depositing during the candy-making process, and provide novel textures in chewy candies.
    • Deliver a range of health benefits such as digestive, bone and immune health in gummy-type vitamins and supplements with NUTRAFLORA® soluble fiber.
  • Tablets/mints
  • Marshmallows and caramels
  • Cream centers
  • Fondant and grained confections​​
  • Frostings and fruit fillings

Sweeten productivity

Enhance taste, texture and performance while boosting your bottom line. 

ENLITEN® Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener

High-intensity, zero-calorie sweetener. The new clean taste of sugar reduction.

Replace sugar

Polyols – great formulation tools for sugar and calorie reduction.

SWEETABULARY® Sweetness language

Bridge the gap between consumer language and food scientist data

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