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Learn adhesive strategies for high-speed corrugating machines

Achieve peak velocity with the corrugating adhesive experts.

Performance. Sustainability. Cost savings. Greater profitabilty. To achieve more in today's challenging corrugating climate, partner with the only full-service adhesive supplier to the corrugating industry. We'll apply our decades of experience to help you meet and exceed your productivity and performance targets — with overall lower costs and environmental impact. 

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Count on us for:
  • Proven wet strength resins and performance additives to cover your end-to-end adhesive needs
  • Unmatched service and on-site support to help you optimize formulations and corrugator performance
  • Greater ease and simplicity with time-saving features like simple ordering, inventory and forecast support
  • Expert process optimization to help you save money, speed run time, reduce downtime and returns, and minimize your environmental footprint



Get on a faster path to profits and sustainability

The real payoff of Ingredion's starch adhesives and additives? It's much more than proven quality and performance. Backed with our advice and support, our solutions enable you to drive profitability from all sides — speeding throughput, reducing temperatures to save energy, improving product quality and reducing material footprint for greater sustainability.

Need faster adhesive drying time, minus extra energy spend? Revolutionary CORAGUM® TCE thermal conductivity enhancer boosts the drying speed of adhesives — requiring about 1/10th the usual dose of other additives to achieve similarly effective results.

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Our pioneering starch adhesives have helped shape the industry, and today's lineup of pearl and modified starches keeps you in front with optimal, reliable performance, run after run. Backed by expert technical, sales and engineering support, your options span two main groups: 

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Pearl starch, or unmodified starch, is the traditional choice in starch adhesives. With the new high-performance papers and reliance on more recycled materials, formulas need careful tuning for best viscosity, solids percentage and adhesive temperature.

Modified, or carrier starches, are used with pearl starches to increase solids for better bonding and faster machine speeds. 


Our lineup of CORAGUM® additives ensure top performance of your starch adhesives while reducing starch solids and consumption for cost savings. Our team can recommend the right addtives to achieve optimal performance and process gains including:

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Penetrating aids for greater adhesive penetration in bonding dense liners and/or mediums

Antifoam agents to eliminate foams generated at high machine speeds as starch cascades off the metering roll and wiper blade

Liquid performance additives to enhance the wet tack, or green bond, of starch-based adhesives

Resins to impart varying degrees of water resistance to corrugated board


Quicker turns. Lower costs. More graphic pop.

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Our range of CORAGUM® adhesives is designed with converters' end goals in mind: Boost throughput. Reduce cost of materials. Deliver promised quality with precise lamination and print details. Let us guide you to the best solution from our range of hot melts and pressure-sensitive hot melts, emulsion polymers, and synthetic resins, formulated for exacting demands in:

  • Regular and high-speed folder gluers
  • Laminating processes
  • Equipment requiring non-foaming, foaming and water-resistant performance



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Bonding coated and difficult substrates gets simpler when your adhesive delivers high bond strength, fast set speed, machinabilty ease and excellent wet tack — plus UV tracer dye to help ensure proper application.

Find solutions to your challenges

Improve production speeds with faster drying

Boost drying and gain efficiencies with innovative thermal conductivity enhancer

Achieve high-performance wet strength bonding

Improve production with the all-in-one bonding solution

Defeat dust buildup

Eliminate dusting and caking with 1-to-1 dry borax alternative

Learn more about featured products


SUREBOND® modified pea starch

Helping high-speed corrugators perform faster and maximize bond strength and water resistance — while distinguishing your packaging to environmentally conscious consumers.


CORAGUM® TCE  thermal conductivity enhancer

Revolutionary corrugating adhesive additive, improving adhesive drying to boost production speeds.

CORAGUM® WP and SR wet strength resins

Providing the highest performance-to-usage ratio and meeting highest environmental standards for safety.

CORAGUM® PR-FLEX, PR-Xtreme and PR-Titan performance products

Addressing the most challenging bonding applications and performance needs of today’s high-speed corrugators.

CORAGUM® HS-30 and PA-15 performance additives

Maximizing performance while reducing starch solids and consumption, resulting in the most cost-effective adhesive solutions.

CORAGUM® PTDF and C-80 specialty additives 
Addressing specific needs for improved penetration, high-speed defoaming and hard water production.


CORAGUM® GL glue lap and finishing adhesives

Delivering reliable adhesive performance for Flexo, Post and J&L folder gluers.

CORAGUM® GL-A adhesive

Adhesives for Astride machines, available in foaming, non-foaming and water-resistant grades.

CORAGUM® GL-EV label and EVOL adhesive

The high-speed adhesives for Evol and other faster Flexo folder gluers.

CORAGUM® Lam lamination adhesive

Specially formulated adhesives for laminating processes.

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