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Adhesive strategies

Push your adhesive strategies to high speed

Are high-speed corrugating machines changing your box-making operations? Are your adhesive strategies evolving to meet new challenges? Gain the insights you need from the new white paper from the corrugating experts of Ingredion. It may be the first step in helping you increase efficiency and savings.


INTRODUCTION: While corrugators continue to be designed to run at higher speeds, there are many variables that impact the ability to reach high or maximum speeds. Over the years, corrugators have continued to increase maximum speeds at a significant rate, however this exponential speed increase is tapering off. Even so, smaller corrugators, which would command efficiencies at 500-600 feet per minute a decade ago, are being pushed out of the market by new, wider machines running at tops speeds approaching 1200 fpm. These highly engineered machines operate under very precise and controlled conditions to meet these speed challenges, and they have changed the way boxes are made and valued.


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