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Develop dairy products with the trait’s consumers want

How can you achieve the taste, texture, sweetness, nutrition and clean & simple labels consumers demand while managing costs? 

Consumers of dairy and plant-based dairy products look for a plethora of qualities: Packaging with accepted, clean label ingredients; just-right textures; nutrition benefits; reduced-sugar, yet not reduced-taste options and more — all variant on the application and your target audience. Yet creating and launching the products with the qualities your consumers want can be full of production challenges.

Only Ingredion brings you rich and detailed consumer insights and understanding to help you create the dairy and plant-based dairy products your consumers truly want, technical expertise and development capabilities to drive your formulation success and a broad portfolio of innovative ingredients. 

Cheese products

Get better gelling, melting and stretching – for less.

Yogurt & cultured dairy

Get it all. Clean labels. Reduced sugar with great taste. Preferred texture and plant protein.

Dairy beverages & flavored milks

Stabilize and produce a creamy mouthfeel for indulgent sips. Or, reduce sugar and enhance nutrition.

Ice cream & frozen desserts

Stabilize and reduce sugar and calories without compromising taste, texture or appearance.


Create indulgent, creamy textures and a sweet taste without all the guilt to prompt more bites.

Plant-based dairy products

Create rich texture with the functionality, nutrition and eating experience consumers want.

The best of dairy made better - see how

Tap into our broad range of capabilities to address the hottest dairy trends

A virtual dairy lab for real solutions

Explore INSIDE IDEA LABS™ for formulations, expert advice, insights, research and more.

Create reduced-sugar dairy products consumers crave

Download our application factsheets on reduced-sugar ice cream, flavored milk and spoonable yogurt.

Plant the future of plant-based protein

See how we're innovating and investing to reshape the world of plant-based proteins.

Go organic

Win consumers with innovative organic products. 

Flourish with plant-based proteins

Our plant-based proteins and expertise help you create on-trend, in-demand foods for today and tomorrow.

Deliver in alternative dairy

Get the latest consumer insights and formulate for success. 

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