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Make dairy desserts dreamy    

Consumers love indulgent dairy desserts and are looking at incorporating them into more delicious moments in their lives. Convenience has become increasingly important, as have cleaner labels and lower calorie contents.

Whether you’re looking to create a dessert with a new, differentiated texture, or to clean up your label or enhance the nutrition profile of an existing product, Ingredion has the right product portfolio and expertise to support your goals.

When it comes to overcoming a challenge or creating a new texture, you need the right set of tools and capabilities. Find a wide range of ingredient solutions and engage with our CULINOLOGY® experts and sensory teams to create your next success.

  • Create unique gelling textures with our line of carrageenans. PRECISA® Carra LACT PPD 5424 and 5276 are ideal for puddings and desserts. For creamy textures, explore PRECISA® Carra LACT DDE 5509.
  • Explore our N-DULGE® co-texturizers line of starches to diversify your product textures—without changing formulation or processing conditions. 

Create premium instant desserts that look and taste like homemade. No lumps, no clumps—just delightful creamy textures consumers will love.

Achieve the sugar reduction you need—while maintaining a superior experience—with our full set of sweetener capabilities. Speed up your time to market with our DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology and explore our product portfolio and sensory and formulation expertise to create your next success.

The best of dairy made better

Tap into our broad range of capabilities to address the hottest dairy trends.

Bring high-performance to delicate applications

Meet “natural” product demand without compromising flavor, color, texture or performance with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches

Non-GMO Project Verified

Create confidence and satisfaction in non-GMO.

N-DULGE® co-texturizers

Bring out the subtle but essential differences in texture, such as "mouthcoating" and "meltaway."

PRECISA® carrageenan solutions

Achieve custom textures sustainably and create unique eating experiences.

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