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Put your brand in a class by itself with yogurt innovation

Bring indulgent texture, nutrition and clean labels together in innovative yogurt products your consumers will love. Work with us to develop authentic yogurt products, starting from great ideas and selecting the right ingredients that match your processing conditions, all the way to scaling up the concept in your production facilities.

Take advantage of our expertise and capabilities to address yogurt trends such as clean labels, enhanced nutrition, reduced sugar content, low calories and indulgent new textures.

Whether your goal is to improve mouthfeel in a light yogurt, increase viscosity in a premium version or achieve better stability, your yogurt processing conditions are a key factor in choosing the right ingredients. Find the just-right solutions you need in our broad range of starches for downstream or upstream processing conditions.

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to yogurt, and manufacturers need to stand out not only in the dairy case but during consumption to help drive purchasing behaviors. Ingredion recently conducted extensive proprietary research and sensory mapping to find out just what consumers want in a yogurt – and why – in order to better understand preferred yogurt texture among different groups of consumers. In addition, we mapped more than 35 commercial yogurt varieties from the North American market, and evaluated 25 preferred texture attributes relating to appearance, taste, flavor and texture. From this research, Ingredion uncovered just how important texture is in motivating consumer liking of yogurt.

Texture is key

Ingredion also conducted three different consumer studies to find out what consumers prefer in a yogurt, and why they purchase the yogurt they do. Texture was found to be a strong driving influence in yogurt preference, and that consumers are willing to pay more for a yogurt with better texture. One key discovery: A smooth and creamy texture with rapid meltaway is preferred by most consumers. By identifying such “sweet spots” of consumer liking, Ingredion can help create the specific textural experiences consumers crave.

Consumers want authentic tastes and unique textures, and they want to recognize the ingredients they read on the labels. You can deliver it all with NOVATION® functional native starches. For example, try new NOVATION® Endura 0100 functional native starch, which withstands the hardest processing conditions, delivering excellent stability and mouthfeel in your final product.

Whether your goal is to minimize calorie content or reduce added sugars while maintaining a clean label, explore our broad range of sweeteners, including ENLITEN® Reb A stevia sweetener. Formulate the perfect sweetness profile using our DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology or validate your results leveraging our sensory team. Find your sweetness solution at Ingredion.

Create on-trend fruit preparations that will perfectly complement your yogurt base for the ideal product positioning. Address clean label trends with lower sugar content without compromising on taste and get chef-inspired creativity. And partner with our CULINOLOGY® team to bring your concepts to life. It’s all possible with Ingredion.

Provide a broad range of in-demand health benefits in your yogurts, from digestive health and immunity to bone heath and even sustained energy. Add in the nutritional benefits consumers want with our broad range of fibers and resistant starches—and make your yogurts irresistibly delicious. And with our plant-based proteins, you can bring added nutritional appeal to plant-based yogurts.

Opportunity awaits in plant-based dairy. With Ingredion knowhow and our plant-based protein portfolio, we'll help you overcome the challenges of creating shelf-stable, creamy and convincing dairy-like yogurt alternatives.

Formulate a gelatin-free yogurt

Get the recipe to reduce manufacturing costs and deliver indulgent texture.

Flourish with plant-based proteins

Our plant-based proteins and expertise help you create on-trend, in-demand foods for today and tomorrow.

Plant the future of plant-based protein

See how we're innovating and investing to reshape the world of plant-based proteins.

Go beyond basic sugar reduction

Build back sweetness in yogurts with NUTRAFLORA® prebiotic fiber.

Make your fruit preps better than ever

Learn how you can optimize your fruit prep to deliver better taste and text

Bring high-performance to delicate applications

Meet “natural” product demand without compromising flavor, color, texture or performance with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches

Overcome your challenges in stirred yogurts.

Address clean label trends in yogurts using NOVATION® Endura 0100 functional native starch.

Greek yogurt success

A manufacturer wanted to develop and launch a new yogurt line without having to invest additional capital.

Non-fat light yogurt success

A yogurt producer wanted to enhance texture and create a richer, creamier yogurt – with reduced calories.

Explore our yogurt capabilities

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DIAL-IN® sweetness and texture

Achieve perfect sweetness and texture in your formulations

Clean and simple, Simplified

Clean label expertise

Work wonders with fiber

Optimize fiber intake with just-right fiber solutions

Remove to improve

Reduce. Replace. Marvel in the nutritious and delicious results.

Heighten Health and Nutrition

Support robust health

Sweetness for all

Satisfy every sweetness preference


Discover our pure and effective prebiotic ingredient solutions.

Fruit and vegetable concentrates

Capture the essence of nature in your concentrates.


Achieve functionalities you never thought possible with our starch solutions.
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