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Mastering the challenge of plant-based meats

More of today's protein-seeking consumers are discovering meat alternatives made from sustainable, nutritious plant-based proteins. But tapping into this huge market opportunity is no easy task. Whether you envision creating vegan nuggets both kids and parents will enjoy, savory vegetarian crumbles to top the daily greens, or flexitarian beef/veggie patties for the juiciest burger on the block, successfully mimicking meat products with plant-based proteins takes specialized knowhow and expertise.

Come formulate with the experts

At our Plant-Based Meat Center of Excellence in Englewood, Colorado, you can tap our broad portfolio of ingredient solutions, plus deep understanding in solving formulating pain points, to answer challenges in texture, binding, nutrition, and more.

With pilot plant resources to help you take your idea from formulation to commercialization, we'll guide you to:

  • Optimal protein solutions for nutrition and texture
  • Clean or traditional starches and the right hydrocolloids, for functionality
  • Fruit or vegetable concentrates for color

All to help you quickly develop the on-trend plant-based products that consumers will savor.

Plant-based protein solutions

Our portfolio of sustainably sourced plant protein ingredients can help you deliver optimal textural bite and chew, and nutrition/protein content. Choose plant protein isolates for the highest levels of protein, or plant protein concentrates for balanced nutrition with healthy fiber and micronutrients.


Achieve just-right texture and functionality in your plant-based meats with starch solutions for binding, structure, cohesiveness, freeze/thaw stability, fat releasing/lubricity and water-holding.


Ensure quality and shelf life with hydrocolloids that provide meaty mouthfeel, juiciness, stability and yield.


Convincingly mimic the color of traditional meats with custom-formulated fruit- and vegetable-based concentrates from Kerr by Ingredion.

Flourish with plant-based proteins

Our plant-based proteins and expertise help you create on-trend, in-demand foods for today and tomorrow.

Plant the future

Watch and discover how Ingredion is reshaping the future of plant-based proteins.

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