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Sauces and Gravies

Create satisfying, simple sauces and gravies that will keep your customers coming back for more

Consumers want rich textures and authentic flavors in their sauces and gravies. They’re also seeking lower-fat options and products made with clean label ingredients they recognize.

You can answer all these needs and more with help from our experts. Build in cold temperature stability and process tolerance without compromising quality. Keep foods stable from production to plate with our innovative starch and hydrocolloid solutions, including a wide range of functional native starches, pulse flours, rice flours and tapioca flours — complete with non-GMO and organic options. And make low-fat sauces and gravies indulgent again with our N-DULGE® line of co-texturizers. Do it all with Ingredion.

Give consumers the authentic tastes and homemade textures they want — along with the shorter list of familiar, simple ingredients they prefer. With NOVATION® functional native starches and HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours, you can deliver it all in sauces and gravies that will delight consumers and stand out in the market.

Today you can achieve truly remarkable textures while optimizing costs — even with rising or fluctuating ingredient prices. Discover how to reduce butter, cream, milk and tomato solids and still deliver creamy or authentic textures with our expertise and broad range of ingredient solutions, including functional native starches, pulse flours, rice flours and tapioca flours.

Create premium sauces and gravies with all the homemade, familiar texture consumers want — and without the things they don’t. For example, you can offer gluten-free, non-GMO claims with our HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours.

Make texture tremendous

Discover our HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours and how they can work for you.

Save on savory

Optimize eating experiences and cost

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