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Roll up new productivity gains in your mill

Whether you are producing specialty papers, performance linerboard, absorbent tissue or grease-resistant food wrap, success in papermaking comes down to the fundamentals: Run faster. Deliver top quality. And make it all happen more efficiently — with lower costs, more energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

At Ingredion, we're paper packaging people too. We know it takes more than our broad portfolio of reliable, specialty additives, coatings and adhesives. We're also here with technical expertise and mill knowhow to streamline processes, troubleshoot issues and move your operation to new levels of productivity — with the reliable service and support you need for uptime, all the time.

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Count on us for:
  • Liquid, ready-to-use starch solutions for tissue and paper towels that save costs and bring strength, softness and bulk
  • Innovative performance starches for packaging grades that boost product strength and consume less fiber for more MSF and enhanced printability
  • Solutions to replace synthetics like fluorochemicals for FSP and reduce or eliminate fluorochemicals in your processing
  • Papermaking starches that bring new efficiencies and enhanced productivity in your process
  • Ingredion's unmatched service and support for product selection, troubleshooting and process optimization



Get more green for your packaging

Cartons with plants growing inside

For stronger, lighter cartons and containerboard, seek out more innovation in your additives, coatings and adhesives. At Ingredion, that's what we deliver — and we'll show you the way to achieve improved productivity and cost-effectiveness for your unique strength, printability and barrier requirements. From robust wet-end solutions that reduce basis weight and improve drainage and retention to smarter binder and surface solutions delivering greater performance and value, we bring deep understanding of packaging and starch chemistry to meet your challenges.

Speed increases up to 65fpm

How much can you save with better dry strength development in your starches? OPTIBOND® wet-end starches offer board weight reductions of up to 1.0 lb/1000 ft2, speed increases of up to 65 fpm and fiber retention gains up to 6 percentage points — with no loss in strength. 


Papermaking factory line

Ingredion solutions for linerboard production help you replace synthetics, deliver the dry strength development, increase machine speed and improve retention you need to be most productive. Drawing on our OPTIBOND®/OPTIPRO® wet-end starches and TOPCAT®/REDIPRO® high-charged cationic ready-for-use natural polymers, and employing surface starch technology when needed with PENFORD GUM® modified starches and PENFILM® surface binders, we can help you enhance finished product performance and accomplish your dry-end goals:

  • Open wider operating windows due to lower addition rate
  • Save energy with the reduced drying demand
  • Gain freedom to improve current products and create new ones — without having to buy new equipment or greatly alter processes


Coated Packaging

For optimal binding strength plus quality appearance and printability, look to operator-friendly, no-VOC PEN-COTE® L and PEN-COTE® D binder solutions. Outperforming other naturally derived binders, they enable solids content up to 50% to help cut the need for viscoscity modifiers. They are offered as both ready-for-use liquids and completely soluble powders to easily integrate into your processes.


Adhesive cardboard

Give your customers what they are looking for. Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally friendly, natural and renewable PENLAM® adhesives which deliver high binding strength, superior runnability, easy cleanup and biodegradability with no VOCs. Let us help you customize your formulation to meet your manufacturing needs for percent of solids, viscosity and molecular weight.


Beat grease and oil — along with the fluorocarbon concerns

Burger wrapped in wax paper

If you're manufacturing sack kraft, grease-resistant grades, food wrap, fry scoops or microwave paper, replacing fluorochemicals with safe, naturally derived alternatives is key. FILMKOTE® and REDIFILM® barrier starches are a natural alternative to achieve required oil and grease resistance with a range of products for your surface treatment requirements. The switch can pose challenges, but we can help you move to a smarter formulation to achieve required oil and grease resistance with our extensive range of naturally produced products for all your surface treatment needs.


Paper roll in factory

Draw on our OPTIBOND®/OPTIPRO® wet-end starches and TOPCAT®/REDIPRO® high-charged cationic ready-for-use natural polymers to retain additives and enhance finished product performance.


Coffee cups with a bag of cookies

To leave the environmental and health concerns of synthetic coating technologies behind, wrap up multiple advantages with our naturally derived oil- and grease-resistant specialty coating solutions. Sustainably sourced from plants like waxy maize and tapioca, FILMKOTE® and REDIFILM® specialty surface starches feature unique hydrophobic functionality that enables them to far outperform traditional surface starches.


More strength. Less dust. And new gains for the bottom line.

Improving tissue production starts in the wet-end, where our ready-for-use additive solutions can result in multiple benefits — improved dry strength, less linting and dusting, and ability to use less costly and recycled pulp sources without sacrificing quality.
Blue tissue box

Let our tissue specialists help you select from our lineup of REDIBOND® and PENBOND® cationic & amphoteric natural polymers and REDIPRO® and TOPCAT® high-charged cationic natural polymers to take on your most challenging goals:

  • Cut refining energy requirements while getting more bulk and softness
  • Optimize fiber composition without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce lint and dust for a cleaner, safer mill
  • Improve turnup performance and wet-end runnability, for top machine efficiency and higher profits    

To decrease refining energy while increasing bulk and softness, move up to high-charged starches, including REDIPRO® natural polymers and TOPCAT® cationic additives.

Decrease refining energy


Putting better ideas to paper

Notbook with blue pen

Meeting surface strength requirements. Delivering consistent surface quality. Reducing costs while replacing the synthetics. You have many different demands associated with coated and uncoated printing and writing papers. That's why we offer solutions that can exceed the needs of everyone, from the budget-conscious producer to the mill producing ultra-high premium grades. And we'll partner with you to analyze and develop solutions for the entire process, from wet-end to size press and coater to water-box applications. 

Cationic starches are a smart choice for producing higher-value grades while reducing BOD levels in plant discharges.

reduce bod levels in plant discharges


Factory line for making papers

Ingredion's wet- and dry-end solutions can replace synthetic chemicals and reduce energy usage while offering a wide range of benefits. We'll guide you to solutions that can help you realize savings of 15–20% while maintaining or improving the quality of your paper products. 

In the wet-end, Ingredion's CATO®, PENCAT® and MICROCAT® cationic starches and OPTIPRO® wet-end additives are engineered to simplify your additive program and solve your key challenges — delivering internal strength, enhancing drainage and retention, and boosting the effects of other additives — all to help you improve productivity and reduce overall additive cost.

In the dry-end, you can count on our proven range of functional surface starches to maximize your starch performance for reduced usage and cost while improving surface strength for high printability. Explore our PENFORD GUM® modified starch, KOFILM® modified starch, CATO-SIZE® modified starch and DOUGLAS® oxidized modified starch lineups.  


Coating machine

Our innovative PEN-COTE® L and PEN-COTE® D coating binders surpass the application limitations of other naturally derived binders, with technology that pushes the solids content up to 50% ­— far higher than traditional starch binders. Offered as both ready-for-use liquids and completely soluble powders, these binders can be added dry to formulations during coating makedown to raise coating solids, eliminating or reducing viscosity modifiers.


multi-colored puzzle pieces

For applications including laminated fine paper and museum-grade mat board, the PENLAM® line of liquid-based adhesives matches the performance of synthetics at lower cost and with superior runnability. These liquid adhesives are easy to integrate into existing processes and come from natural, renewable and biodegradable resources.

Find solutions to your challenges


Barriers that perform

Hold out against grease and oil with FILMKOTE® and REDIFILM® specialty surface starches.


Can a binder brighten appearance?

Elevate your coating appearance and print performance with PEN-COTE™ D coating binder.


How strong can light be?

Produce stronger, lighter linerboard with plant-based, high-charged solutions such as OPTIPRO® and TOPCAT® additives.

    Wet-End (Tissue)

How soft can strong be?

Now you can deliver the soft and strong tissues consumers want with REDIPRO®, REDIBOND®, TOPCAT®, and PENBOND® cationic additives.

Learn more about featured paper, board and packaging products

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Dry-end products



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