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CATALYST™ program

Partner with Ingredion to accelerate new product development for a greater chance of success

Food and beverage manufacturers launching new products are continually challenged with getting to market quickly while minimizing launch failures. Ingredion's CATALYST™ program delivers a holistic product development solution that involves co-creation across an ecosystem of partners to accelerate the development of on-trend, in-demand products with a greater chance of market success.

Ingredion’s unique role as an innovative services and solutions partner enables us to connect the right cross-functional team — from consumers to co-manufacturers and even other ingredients suppliers — to help ensure successful collaboration without silos throughout the entire new product development process.


Read on to discover how the CATALYST program is:


Bringing together all the stakeholders and resources for rapid development


Guiding the team as we prototype, iterate and validate assumptions


Ensuring flexibility, whether you need end-to-end or focused support


Empowering you at every stage, from ideation and insights to prototyping and line trials

A graphic symbolizing the team approach behind Ingredion's CATALYST program

Driving co-creation success without the silos

The CATALYST program's co-creation process goes beyond traditional ways of collaboration, by tapping a cross-functional team of partners with the category experience and knowhow to drive more success at every stage of your development process.

  • Insight & discovery
  • Concept creation
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Scale-up & co-manufacturing
  • Product launch

Keeping your consumer front and center

The consumer's voice is integral to the CATALYST program's partner ecosystem, providing key feedback to inform rapid prototyping, testing and refining direction. By validating assumptions and gathering feedback from consumers throughout the process, we can compress the usual time to achieve ready-to-launch results from months to just weeks. 

A graphic representing the key role of the consumer in Ingredion's CATALYST program
A graphic representing the flexibility of Ingredion's CATALYST program to address varied customer challenges

Customized to your product innovation challenges

The CATALYST program is designed to flex and apply to your situation, wherever along the path you need to make your innovation efforts even more successful. Whether you've already done the up-front insight and discovery and need our help the rest of the way, or need focused support in the prototyping/testing or scale-up stages, the CATALYST program can make it happen, your way — without locking you into a one-size-fits-all solution.

A complete product development solution

Ingredion’s established role as an innovation and development partner to our food and beverage customers ensures your CATALYST program team includes the committed, expert resources you need to achieve your new product goals — backed and supported by Ingredion's end-to-end resources and broad ingredient toolkit.

  • Comprehensive support available from Ingredion in-house resources and external partners
  • Priority access to Ingredion's pilot plant facilities to test processes and optimize products
  • Agnostic, unbiased approach enables ingredient sourcing beyond Ingredion’s broad toolkit
A graphic representing the extra resources of Ingredion's CATALYST program to help drive successful new product launches

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