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Eating and drinking - Explore our Sensory Experience Ingredient solutions

Create products that score high in sensory appeal

From the first foamy sip of an Oktoberfest beer to the last satisfying crunch of a celery stick drenched in blue-cheese sauce, drinking and eating are fundamental joys of life. Making your drinking and eating experiences deliciously unforgettable is at the heart of everything we do at Ingredion.

With our broad range of ingredient solutions and formulating expertise, you can surprise and excite consumers with new and unique textures. Or you can comfort them with the tastes and aromas of home. Because we understand our ingredient solutions so thoroughly, we also understand the experiences they can deliver.

For example, we are able to link the snacking experiences of people who like crunchy or chewy to our innovative ingredient solutions. In yogurt, we also can change the end products from cut-able and squeezable to spoonable and drinkable just by changing the texture systems. We call this approach CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design, in which the preferences of consumers completely shape the formulations.

See how your next product could look when it’s guided by our CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design.

Enliven snacks with healthy ingredients

Snacks are an experience all their own and consumers want the right mix of satisfying crunch and crisp.

Freshness first

Deliver products with just-made appeal. 

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Deliver the most appealing eating and drinking experiences.

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Build personal care loyalty with just-right feel

Feed the fresh phenomenon

Fine-tune your products fresh appeal

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