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Give your brand a fresh new perspective with clean label, non-GMO and organic ingredient solutions

Today’s consumers are looking for foods they perceive to be “fresher.” The trend towards fresh prepared foods is on the rise, as well as, a return to frozen foods, but freshness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Our new, proprietary research tells us that factors such as product location, shelf life, the ingredient label and packaging visual cues (e.g., clean label, non-GMO, organic), influence consumer perception of product freshness. 

With these consumer insights, we can help you reinvigorate your existing products and create innovative new ones that burst with fresh appeal and capture additional market share. Now you can formulate a frozen entrée with clean label ingredients and add fresh-inspired claims that appeal to consumers — improving the perception of your product when compared to traditional offerings.

Unexpected freshness

Some foods and beverages, like those in refrigerated cases or at the deli counter, seem inherently fresh to consumers. But regardless of what products you make, you can take advantage of new opportunities to deliver an increased perception of freshness and differentiate your products.

In shelf-stable and frozen foods, consumers are especially seeking products that stand out. Our formulation experts can help you reinvigorate your brand by cleaning up your labels, adding on-trend, front-of-pack claims like organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. Now Ingredion can help you change how consumers perceive your products and guide you on how to influence purchasing decisions.

Your foods and beverages can look, taste and smell fresher than ever with our sensory experts helping you target just the right flavor and texture for your category—from creamy, rich dressings to soups and ready meals with a made-from-scratch appearance.

When seeking to enhance product freshness, it is also key to deliver on latest culinary trends, from traditional ethnic recipes to the newest cooking techniques. When you work with our CULINOLOGY® experts, blending cutting-edge food science with culinary arts, you can translate in-demand recipes from world cuisines to larger-scale production.

Provide the convenient foods and beverages with labels that reflect what consumers of today really want—even, and especially, where they least expect it. The future of freshness and consumer appeal is at your fingertips when you innovate with us.

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