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Increase brand loyalty with ingredients that stimulate the senses

The perfect moisturizing lotion feels creamy and rich to the touch but is quickly absorbed by the skin with no residue or sticky after feel. An ideal shampoo lathers luxuriously, rinses off cleanly and leaves hair soft and manageable. When personal care products don’t create the right sensorial experience they’re not around for long. And when consumers find a personal care product that stimulates the senses, they are fans forever.

Our wide range of ingredients can take your body wash from bottom shelf to beauty blog and your lotions from unknown to best-loved. For example, our versatile starches are used in skin care products to absorb oil while providing a velvety feel that is soft and smooth to the touch—or they can be tailored to deliver silicones that detangle and give hair a silky, smooth feel. Our natural oils also add softening properties and promote skin smoothness in your lotions and creams.

Make your products the ones people repurchase even before they run out. Innovate with us.

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CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design leads to winning products. 

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