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Responding to trends with texture

Texture makes foods and beverages vividly memorable and enjoyable. It's in line with taste in defining the eating and drinking experience, sparking greater innovation among manufacturers.

At Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers, our texture experts have been helping customers develop innovative chewiness, crunchiness, creaminess, body and mouthfeel tailored to their consumers’ evolving preferences for nearly two decades. Today we’re using groundbreaking research in consumer mouth behaviors to develop new ingredients and processes to help solve your latest texture challenges.

Working together

From perfecting a multi-textural cupcake—one that delivers a tender crumb, a creamy icing and a crunchy sprinkle in close succession—to creating a next-generation vegan cheese, we’re collaborating with you to shape the future of texture.

Throughout our Ingredion Idea Labs™ global innovation network, we are breaking new ground in:

  • Advanced gelling and thickening solutions made possible by our DIAL-IN® Texture technology
  • Expanded toolbox of proteins, hydrocolloids and texturizing fibers
  • New synergies between our extensive sweetener and starch portfolios
  • Translating the consumer experience of texture into precise, measurable, scientific terms with the TEXICON® food texture language

You get to market faster with our proprietary five-step approach to achieving the right textures and sweetness in your products. Another time-saving tool is our T-REX® automated rheology lab, with which we can develop new solutions and functional systems 10 times faster than with traditional methods.

Unleash the power of texture—and all it can do for your products.

Here are just a few of the ways you can meet the trends with our texture innovations.

Affordability advances.

Cheese is a vibrant growth segment in many parts of the world, and countering rising costs is of great concern. Ingredion’s experts integrate multiple capabilities to optimize our new cheese solutions, using consumer insights and deep formulation, applications, sensory and CULINOLOGY® expertise to delight consumers and overcome the challenges of formulation, processing and scale-up.

In 40%-casein-reduced imitation mozzarella cheese, for example, PRECISA® 600 systems and GEL ‘N’ MELT® starch can help you achieve good firmness, shreddability and stretchability for pizza and other cheese applications. At the same time, PRECISA® 600 series solutions deliver the emulsification and water-holding capacity you need to achieve process efficiencies and reduce product defects. And there’s a PRECISA® solution for block and slice cheese as well as cheese spreads and sauces.

Sensory innovation.

Consumers everywhere are enjoying snacks—from tender, delicate crispy textures to snapping or shattering crunchy textures and in between to a new region we call CRINCHY™ textures. More than half of consumers (51%) report that they eat snacks at least twice a day. More than a third of consumers say they’re snacking more frequently than they were two years ago[1]. And what they’re snacking on is changing too. In salty snacks, for example, consumers seek multi-textural experiences, including different levels of crunch in one product[2].

Clean, simple and sustainable.

Beverages are another application where texture characteristics have caught people’s attention. As the exclusive distributor for Gelymar in North America, we are helping customers use our PRECISA® carrageenan solutions to achieve unique textures in sustainable beverages. Our experts are also innovating to put a new twist on alcoholic beverages—a segment poised for growth in many regions.

[1] The Snacking Occasion consumer Trend Report, Technomic, Inc., 2014
[2] Voice of the Consumer: Texture and Salty Snacks, conducted by The Cornell Group for Ingredion, March 2014

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