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Demand for nature-based content is growing across the board, from bioplastics to solutions for home and personal care. But performance and functionality are crucial to your products’ success. With Ingredion, you can deliver it all. Create new products, improve performance and enhance sustainability with nature. 

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Consumers want home care and beauty products that are greener, with fewer chemicals, while delivering the same performance and appealing sensory characteristics. As a manufacturer, you need to formulate products that deliver across the board so that you can win your market and accelerate growth.

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Home care solutions

Meeting consumers’ increasing demands can be a challenge. On the one hand, they are increasingly concerned about the potential hazard posed by chemicals and exhibit a growing preference for green products. At the same time, they expect their home care products to work better than ever and deliver sensory benefits too.

With Ingredion's portfolio of ingredient solutions, you can:

  • Retain fragrance and enhance the fragrance burst effect in laundry applications
  • Reduce your formulation costs and improve your productivity
  • Meet consumer demand for safe, environmentally responsible products
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Personal care solutions

Consumer preferences are seeing a huge shift towards products that are “natural” and “free from artificial ingredients and colours”. Ingredion's range of beauty and personal care solutions can help you to meet this demand, allowing you to replace synthetic chemicals in your products with naturally-derived, renewable ingredients.

In addition, our unique solutions will help you:

  • Boost your products’ performance
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Enhance physical and sensory properties
  • Reduce or replace silicones

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