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Where savory and succulent and sustainable come together

Combine tantalizing eating experiences AND the benefits your consumers want most

Brands that offer enjoyable eating experiences — delicious products AND the right combination of features, benefits AND shared value characteristics — can garner higher prices and grow their consumer loyalty. 

Taste remains the top driver when it comes to purchasing food, but increasingly, consumers are looking for more.1 They also seek brands and products that can meet their needs for better nutrition AND enhanced sustainability, as well as numerous other benefits.

As a food provider, it can be difficult to navigate these multifaceted consumer demands. While tempting to try and find a solution that can be everything to everyone, the idea that you can have it all works better in theory than in practice. Sure, you can make something that’s fat-free and gluten-free and low-sugar and low-calorie and sustainable and organic and any other number of choices, but will it taste good? Will anyone want to eat it? ​

That’s where we come in with a concept we call Own the AND℠. ​

Ingredion provides the spark that ignites reimagined innovation

Grounded in leading-edge science, we can help you dial in formulas that offer the right mix of product features and benefits that appeal to more consumers AND satisfy their multiplying needs while maintaining great taste, improving the likelihood they will buy, and buy again. Own the AND℠ is not about having all the ANDs; it’s about formulating for the right ANDs to put your brand in the best possible position for accelerated growth.

Partner with Ingredion and Own the AND

Our knowledge of the global food industry ensures the ideas we co-create meet consumer demands and are actionable, viable solutions for our customers that maximize deliciousness AND take into account the multitude of factors consumers want AND the manufacturing attributes our customers need.

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Understanding the consumer algorithm is the key to in-market success  

What do I want to eat?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves multiple times per day. But behind that seemingly simple question is a complex algorithm of factors. I need a snack, but what am I in the mood for?

I want something yummy, but I need something nutritious, and maybe with a bit of protein. Am I counting calories today or indulging? And I want to feel good about my choice, so I’d like it to be organic, sustainable and ethically sourced.

Consumers make these complicated choices based on highly individualized parameters, and the list of features they seek seems to be growing. Together, we can create more consumer value that helps distinguish your brand from the competition and private label. When we collaborate, we can formulate products with incremental benefits above and beyond the already high consumer expectations.

At Ingredion, we leverage our cross-functional expertise to help navigate the complexity quickly and deliver viable outcomes our customers can count on.

Calculus behind the algorithm driving consumers’ food choices

As master decoders we can help you design deliciousness with the most desirable ANDs

Our teams utilize consumer insights and industry expertise to serve as master decoders for each of our customer’s brands. By working collaboratively to define the unique consumer algorithm, we are able to translate that algorithm into the product features and benefits consumers seek.

We go beyond simply identifying food decision drivers

We know that when consumers feel a brand or product is made just for them, it comes from intentional collaboration between insights, R&D and food and beverage developers focused on designing elevated eating experiences that meet consumer needs for both functional and emotional benefits.

Woman inspecting a product for better nutrition

Reformulate for better nutrition and delight consumers in 2024

In seeking better nutrition from their food and beverages, 44% of consumers surveyed in our 2023 ATLAS study said they check both ingredient labels & nutrition labels when selecting products more than they did the year before, up from 35% in 2020.

Discover how incremental reformulation steps towards “better for you” offerings can drive consumer preference.

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Healthy can be yummy. Nutritious can be fun. Sustainable can be affordable. Continually offering the right blend of taste and shared values (e.g. natural, clean label) creates market momentum for your brand and increases consumer loyalty2

Our ability to understand and deliver on the consumer algorithm is what enables food and beverage manufacturers who partner with Ingredion to formulate the most sought-after products.

We deliver the ANDs your company wants and the ones you didn’t even know were possible

Once you know what your consumers want, how do you formulate to get the ANDs that take your products from great to exceptional? Ingredion has the ingredients and application expertise to help you reformulate your food and beverages to feature the same great taste your consumers love AND the on-trend benefits they desire.

The list goes on, but it’s less about packing as much into a product as you can and more about finding the right combination of ANDs that allow your brand to stand out to the growing number of consumers asking for more. Reinvigorate your food and beverages with value-adding benefits that increase appeal — we can help you Own the AND.

Healthy AND enjoyable snacks outpace the market 

The global market for healthy snacks is already large and continues to grow. From the consumer’s standpoint, snacks are about more than simply fueling the body. Snacks are special; they appeal to our emotions and can have a very real effect on our mood. That certain taste or that particular aroma or that wonderfully satisfying crunch can evoke powerful memories from the very first bite.

Snacks can also play a role in illustrating an individual’s personal brand — who they are and what they value. It’s the statement they're making along with the emotional tug snacks provide that allow a consumer to justify paying higher prices for these products.

Nutrition, health & wellness snacking market value is $146 billion and growing

     Euromonitor database3

To be sure, it’s a tremendous opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers. Creating snack products is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Margins can be very high for these applications, but so too are consumer expectations.

Nutrition, health and wellness are more front-and-center in people's minds than ever before, but consumers still want fun, exciting, and tasty snacks. As a result, these products have a higher bar to clear in order to become frequent favorites and when done well, price is less of a barrier.

Healthier versions are outpacing category basics

Nutrition, health and wellness focused snacks are expected to grow at a faster rate than traditional snacking (CAGR% 2021-26)3

Explore the ANDs possible in snacks

Ingredion can help you produce satisfying snacks that also meet consumer demand for healthier options and align with their values. Our team of food science and application experts will solve your formulation challenges and enable you to make your snack products crunchier, chewier and creamier to make consumers feel good about their purchase and keep them coming back for more.

Deliver the same mouthwatering taste AND reduce sugar in cookies and biscuits

Create snacks that deliver on crispy texture AND enhanced nutrition

Additional resources

Explore more in nutrition, health and wellness with Ingredion.

Webinar: Formulate for a deliciously nutritious future

Consumers will pay more for select benefits that help them reach their nutrition goals. Watch now as Ingredion experts offer insights on how manufacturers deliver delicious AND nutritious products that consumers prefer. 

Topics covered:

  • The evolving definitions of better nutrition
  • Implications for food and beverage (re)formulation
  • Business benefits to advancing along a better nutrition continuum

Watch now

Webinar: Algorithm for Success: Healthy, Crispy & Delicious

Learn from a panel of our industry experts as they discuss elevated consumer expectations and how Ingredion helps our customers navigate formulation challenges and deliver products that increase share AND drive brand loyalty.

  • How Ingredion identifies the right “ands” for our customers and enables them to deliver the most impactful “ands” for their consumers
  • Ways in which food and beverage manufacturers can increase value in their product offerings
  • Our sustainability work and its relationship with our partners’ key initiatives

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Webinar: Better Nutrition by Design – Crafting Snacks for Discerning Customers

How can your brand better align with consumer snacking preferences? Listen in as our expert panel discusses:

  • Consumer trends and insights on improving nutrition in snacking segment
  • The growth opportunity brands can capture by delivering consumer-preferred snacks
  • Innovative sugar-reduction techniques and ingredients that can enhance the nutritional profile of snacks without compromising taste and texture

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Our experts and specialty ingredients help you deliver your ANDs

Because consumers eat foods — not ingredients — our goal is to help our customers with every aspect of product development and commercialization. 

Innovation Services: Our comprehensive suite of services helps our customers develop products that wow consumers and build stronger brands. Our imaginative Culinology® team connects the aspects of both art and science when approaching food and beverage creation. Our technical R&D, applications, nutrition and sensory science teams ensure our products hit the mark, designing and delivering quality food and beverage products that meet the technical specifications our customers require, while ensuring the taste their consumers expect.

Global scale with local understanding: We are a global organization with local teams on six continents. While we always leverage the best of our global scale, it’s our one-to-one relationships and the expertise of our local teams that our customers value most.  Our diverse talents, spirit of collaborative partnership and agile mindset in today’s rapidly changing world make us an indispensable partner to our customers. 

Ingredion experts are here to help

Put our knowledge of the food and beverage markets, broad portfolio of specialty ingredients and technical expertise to work.

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Overcoming the algorithm AND unprecedented business conditions  

Today’s food system is more complicated than ever when you consider recent world events that have highlighted vulnerabilities in supply networks and made cost management even more challenging than before.

To address this complexity, food companies need a resourceful partner who understand the nuances of consumer needs in order to quickly develop practical solutions that can be manufactured at scale and exceed consumer expectations.

The competition for every food dollar is fierce

Let Ingredion help you develop a reformulation strategy to achieve your objectives:

  • Optimize costs
  • Add clean label ingredients
  • Advance nutrition, health and wellness claims
  • Formulate sustainably
  • Appeal to more consumers
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Own the AND to develop the future of food

Partner with Ingredion experts for solutions to your toughest formulation and innovation challenges. We can help you create more consumer value and gain share in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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1Health & Wellness Across the Globe, The Hartman Group, 2021

2ATLAS Proprietary Study, 2020

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