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Uncover the path to brand preference with clean label ingredients

Today's consumers are increasingly savvy with an increased preference for more "natural" and less processed food.1 A clean label helps deliver the product they want.

Uncovering this path to brand preference begins with understanding consumers' psychology of clean label and knowing how to apply it to your product innovation. With unrivaled deep data and market expertise, Ingredion can help you take advantage of the 6.75% global projected growth (CAGR, 2021–2026)1 in clean label to achieve sustainable success. 

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Clean label product development success is based on a deep understanding of market forces, next-level ingredient options and consumer expectations and preferences. Explore our proprietary consumer, manufacturing and retailer insights and data needed to help identify the most important factors that drive success with clean and simple labels.

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The clean label growth report

Building trust with consumers builds brand loyalty — and clean label holds the key. Download our report and explore the stages of clean label transformation and development.

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Which factors drive clean label gains?

See what our latest global manufacturer study reveals about the clean label efforts that outperform the norm in key business metrics — and pick up some new ideas that can position your business for success.

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The clean label foodservice growth guide

Discover the top five benefits of clean label identified by manufacturers across the world and what helps them outperform the competition.

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1 Mordor Intelligence, Clean Label Ingredient Market – Growth, Trends, Covid-19 Impact and Forecast (2021-2026), 2021

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