Coffee and tea

Differentiate your beverage product

Naturally functional and refreshing, obviously appealing

In a landscape where consumers want healthy beverages that taste great, you’re challenged to reduce sugar while maintaining the creamy texture and sweet touch that so many consumers love. Fortifying with functional ingredients and focusing on the healthy attributes of tea and coffee will differentiate your products and keep them—or make them—successful.

We can help you go beyond what’s expected in your formulation:

  • Increase the nutritional content of your coffees and teas with soluble fibers or plant proteins
  • Decrease the caloric level of ready to drink (RTD) teas while maintaining the sweet appeal with our extensive range of sugar reduction solutions
  • Deliver ideal texture in your RTD coffee or tea beverage with texturizers and suspension agents

RTD Coffee and Tea: Creating a buzz around health and wellness

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RTD tea

Consumers love tea for relaxation and refreshment, and its antioxidant content makes it a nutrition winner. Most consumers prefer tea with a touch of sweetness but without the calories associated with typical sweeteners. You can address this challenge with help from Ingredion. We can help you achieve calorie reduction while maintaining perfect sweetness and mouthfeel.

RTD coffee

You can appeal to a wide range of tastes with innovative coffee beverages—from traditional coffee with cream, to instant and cold-brewed, to flavored coffees and coffees enriched with almond milk, coconut water or other popular essences. Explore our complete sweetener portfolio and wide array of beverage texturizers and suspension agents to enhance mouthfeel and maintain uniformity over time.

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