Nutritional beverages

Formulating solutions for nutritional beverages

Great taste and superior nutrition

The rise of functionality and focus on health and wellness is sparking a shift in overall beverage categories. Consumers are moving away from diets and adopting lifestyle nutrition patterns blurring the lines of the traditional nutritional beverage format. How can category leaders and new entrants innovate to meet consumer’s expanded functional requirements while capitalizing on fast moving trends? Formulators can appeal to consumer needs for added functionality and plant-based zero calorie sweeteners by leveraging what Ingredion has to offer.

Whether you’re formulating a ready-to-drink (RTD) or ready-to-mix (RTM) beverage, you can leverage the expertise of our SOLUTION GURUS™  and our in-demand ingredient portfolio to deliver on your goals.

  • Deliver sweetness without contributing to sugar content
  • Deliver texture and stability with starches and gums
  • Add plant protein and fiber without compromising texture and taste
  • Reduce sugar yet keep the same great taste and texture as a full sugar product
  • Enrich flavor and color with fruit and veggie purees and concentrates
  • Deliver immune support with fiber enhancement and antioxidants

Understanding the evolving landscape

From promoting gut health to reducing sugar, exciting new opportunities are waiting to be explored in nutritional beverages. Download our infographic for insights from our recent proprietary research studies — plus tips for delivering the balanced benefits consumers seek.

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Overcome common challenges in RTM beverage formulations

What does it take to add value for consumers and your RTM beverage brand?  Download our e-guide to explore insights and learn how to overcome common formulation challenges.

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Let’s make your goals a reality

Agile collaboration. Deep formulation expertise. Broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients. Market research and consumer insights. Let’s make your goals a reality.


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