Dairy applications

Overcome the challenges of traditional and plant-based dairy products

Consumers of dairy and plant-based dairy products seek more your products — from accepted, clean label ingredients to reduced-sugar options and beyond. Yet creating and launching the products with the dairy qualities your consumers want can be full of formulation and production challenges.

Only Ingredion brings you rich and detailed consumer insights and understanding to help you create the dairy and plant-based dairy products your consumers truly want. Draw on our deep technical expertise and broad portfolio of innovative ingredients to drive formulation success — and achieve goals like these:

  • Add appeal with accepted, clean label ingredients
  • Achieve just-right textures and tastes in plant-based dairy alternatives
  • Reduce sugar but not the taste in yogurts and ice creams
  • Stabilize and create the perfect mouthfeel in flavored milks

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Innovate in cheese slices, pizza cheese, plant-based cheeses and more with Ingredion expertise.

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Yogurt and cultured products

Create yogurt products with the textures, clean labels, enhanced nutrition consumers seek.

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Ice cream and frozen desserts

Create indulgent yet better-for-you frozen treats and ice creams with Ingredion expertise.

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Create reduced-sugar dairy products consumers crave

Download our application factsheets on reduced-sugar ice cream, flavored milk and spoonable yogurt.

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Deliver in alternative dairy

Download our application factsheets on reduced-sugar ice cream, flavored milk and spoonable yogurt

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The best of dairy made better — see how

Tap into our broad range of capabilities to address the hottest dairy trends

Woman inspecting a product for better nutrition

Reformulate for better nutrition and delight consumers in 2024

In seeking better nutrition from their food and beverages, 44% of consumers surveyed in our 2023 ATLAS study said they check both ingredient labels & nutrition labels when selecting products more than they did the year before, up from 35% in 2020.

Discover how incremental reformulation steps towards “better for you” offerings can drive consumer preference.

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