Ice cream and frozen desserts

Create signature, better-for you frozen treats

Despite sugar reduction and weight management trends, indulgence has always been core to ice cream and frozen dessert consumers. And today dairy manufacturers are adapting their products and developing new recipes, flavors, textures and enhancements to meet demand for more indulgent, yet better-for-you, frozen desserts.

Innovate with us to deliver everything consumers are looking for:

  • Reduced sugar and calorie content to deliver "guilt-free" ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Cleaner and simpler product labels
  • Control of crystal formation and create innovative on-trend textures
  • Improved texture and mouthfeel
  • Optimized melt time

Achieve stabilization with a creamy mouthfeel

Whether it's a full-fat or low-fat ice cream, you can obtain the creamy texture and mouthfeel that ice cream lovers expect, without affecting the flavor. From starches and fibers to gums, explore what Ingredion offers for ice cream and frozen desserts:

  • PENPURE® 37 rice starch for a creamy mouthfeel
  • HYDRO-FI TGC-1110 stabilizer blend of tara gum, citrus fiber (dried orange pulp or citrus flour) and guar gum for frozen novelty food products – Reduces ice crystallization, improves melting properties and produces smooth, creamy texture with improved overrun
  • Locust bean gum – Controls crystal formation and adds texture
  • Tara gum – Controls crystal formation, adds texture and controls meltdown

Optimize cost with solids replacement

When considering optimizing your formula cost and looking at partially replacing non-fat milk solids, consider N-DULGE® CA1 tapioca maltodextrin. It provides slow meltdown and improves overall product texture.

Reduce added sugars while keeping a simple label

Whether looking at developing a new low-calorie ice cream or reformulating an existing one, you can't compromise on texture, stability or a simpler label. With a single ingredient, you can replace other sweeteners used in non-sugar-added ice creams. For example, MALTISWEET® IC maltitol syrup has a clean taste and characteristics nearly identical to sucrose, balancing sweetness profiles and freezing-point depression.