Specialty paper/packaging solutions

Beat grease and oil — along with the fluorocarbon concerns

If you're manufacturing sack kraft, grease-resistant grades, food wrap, fry scoops or microwave paper, replacing fluorochemicals with safe, naturally derived alternatives is key. FILMKOTE® and REDIFILM® barrier starches are a natural alternative to achieve required oil and grease resistance with a range of products for your surface treatment requirements. The switch can pose challenges, but we can help you move to a smarter formulation to achieve required oil and grease resistance with our extensive range of naturally produced products for all your surface treatment needs.


Enhance performance with wet-end/dry-end solutions

Draw on our OPTIBOND®/OPTIPRO® wet-end starches and TOPCAT®/REDIPRO® high-charged cationic ready-for-use natural polymers to retain additives and enhance finished product performance. 


Replace synthetics with naturally derived coatings

Leave behind the environmental and health concerns of synthetic coatings with our naturally derived oil- and grease-resistant specialty coating solutions. Sustainably sourced from plants like waxy maize and tapioca, FILMKOTE® and REDIFILM® specialty surface starches feature unique hydrophobic functionality that enables them to far outperform traditional surface starches.