NOVATION® Lumina 8600 functional native starches- 70000717

Ideal for use in applications where retaining delicate colors, flavors and textures is a must, NOVATION® Lumina 8600 functional native rice starch is a great clean label alternative for traditional modified starches in white- or light-colored sauces, dressings, yogurts, puddings and shakes — or anywhere else a food’s essential qualities need to shine through.

Superior sensory functionality

The moderate process tolerance of NOVATION Lumina 8600 is perfect for maintaining the creamiest textures in savory and alternative dairy products. With its minimal impact on color and flavor and excellent freeze/thaw and shelf stability, NOVATION Lumina 8600 improves and protects product appeal, especially in food processes where traditional native starches cannot be used due to process degradation. For high process tolerance applications, explore our NOVATION Lumina 8300 functional native starch.

Supportive of clean label claims

NOVATION Lumina 8600 supports consumer-preferred label claims by being non-GMO, gluten-free and by not requiring allergen labeling. NOVATION Lumina starches are produced using a patented process that significantly reduces environmental impact compared to other manufactured modified starches.

Sprinkling herbs on a bowl of pasta and tomato sauce
Sprinkling herbs on a bowl of pasta and tomato sauce

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HI-SET 322 Modified Food Starch

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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