Deliver in-demand nutrition deliciously with one of the most effective prebiotic fibers

Want to give consumers more of the nutritious foods and beverages they can feel good about?   Adding fiber is named by consumers as one the top ways to make products healthier. And now with NUTRAFLORA® P-95 soluble prebiotic fiber in powder form, you can give them the enhanced fiber, reduced sugar, and digestive health support they desire in products that taste great and perform well.

Formulate for functionality and satisfying taste

NUTRAFLORA® P-95 soluble prebiotic fiber helps increase the level of good bacteria in the gut and is scientifically proven to support digestive health. It is an effective yet gentle prebiotic and a good-to-excellent source of fiber. Produced from non-GMO sucrose (cane sugar), NUTRAFLORA® P-95 soluble prebiotic fiber has a similar sweetness profile to sugar — with fewer calories — so it also allows you to reduce sugar in your formulations.

Formulation benefits include:

  • Quick-dissolving white powder form (liquid syrup also available)
  • Clean, slightly sweet taste (30% that of sugar) closely resembling that of sucrose
  • Enhances flavor and rounds out the sweetness profile of high-intensity sweeteners
  • Very low viscosity and high clarity in solution
  • Browning similar to sugar in baked goods
  • High-temperature stability under conditions such as UHT, retort, extrusion and batch cooking
  • Humectancy and shelf life extension

Count on safety, consistency and reliability

The unparalleled safety and effectiveness of NUTRAFLORA® P-95 soluble prebiotic fiber are built on more than 200 studies and 20 years of research. Through a unique manufacturing process at our ISO 9002 certified facility, the consistent molecular composition is guaranteed from lot to lot.

NUTRAFLORA® P-95 soluble prebiotic fiber contains a minimum of 95% (dry basis) short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) consisting of GF2, GF3 and GF4 molecules. It’s produced from non-GMO sucrose, using non-GMO raw materials and a natural bio-fermentation process. The result: the purest, most effective form of short-chain fructooligosaccharides available on the market.

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NUTRAFLORA® P-95 - 111001

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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