PENPURE® 85D - 12100410

Product Type: Texturizer solutions: Functional native starches, Texturizer solutions: Native starches

Create baked snacks with the texture and the functionality you need

Imagine crackers with a bite that’s soft or shattering. Baked chips with a loud crunch or light crispiness. Or vegan, gluten-free crisps with appealing textures. Formulate with PENPURE® 85D texturizer and give consumers the baked goodness they love — and feel good about — with the satisfying textures they want. In addition, you can tailor crispiness for non-grain, clean label, non-GMO trends.

Get excellent functionality and improve your bottom line

PENPURE® 85D texturizer also enables you to:

  • Improve dough cohesiveness and sheetability
  • Customize expansion
  • Reduce breakage and improve chip retention 
  • Bind moisture during mixing 
  • Get the speed advantage of cold water swelling starches

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HI-SET 322 Modified Food Starch

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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