Pre-Hydrated® Ticaloid® 210 "S" Powder - 75000466

Product Type: Texturizer solutions: Hydrocolloids

PRE-HYDRATED® TICALOID® 210 S Powder is a blend of gums used to impart a creamy mouthfeel, improve freeze-thaw characteristics, stabilize emulsions and provide suspension. PRE-HYDRATED® TICALOID® 210 S Powder is stable at a low pH and is capable of withstanding retort conditions and homogenization. As an agglomerated product, PRE-HYDRATED® TICALOID® 210 S Powder disperses without lumping under most conditions and hydrates more rapidly than powders. This product was originally designed for salad dressing applications, but can also be selected for a much wider range of applications.

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HI-SET 322 Modified Food Starch

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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