Achieve indulgent mouthfeel in dressings and fillings

Whether creating creamy reduced-oil dressings or luxurious bakery fillings, now it’s easier than ever to achieve a premium mouthfeel with a more economical formulation — thanks to the functional talents of potato starch.

Build back thick, creamy textures with ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch

New ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch helps you leverage waxy potato starch’s unique benefits for thickening and texturizing across a variety of uses, with impressive functionality that helps to ensure luxuriously smooth and creamy textures in your products.

Spoon up thick, creamy appeal in low-fat, low-calorie foods

For new and better ways to formulate your products more economically — without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance — put Ingredion’s decades of experience and broad portfolio of functional texturizing solutions to work for you.

At our Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers around the world, we’ll help you use ingredient solutions like ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch to create appealing products with the customer-preferred ingredients consumers seek — and get them to market fast.

For premium mouthfeel in lower-fat or vegan formulations, ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch delivers on all counts — building back thick and creamy textures with excellent stability, without impacting taste or color.

Better functionality with less starch
ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch is made from waxy potato, with larger starch granules that provide high functionality — and help to reduce your starch use, for greater economies.

- Excellent water-holding capacity of large starch granules provides high viscosity for thicker and creamier textures
- Instant starches provide energy savings in processing
- High stability of waxy potato starches helps to extend product shelf life
- High process tolerance is perfect for high-shear applications like dressings 

Clean & clear to let your appeal shine through
ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch has a clean flavor profile. Plus, it’s clear and colorless, helping you ensure the most appetizing appearance for your soups and sauces.

Non-GMO, free from gluten and USA-made

Like all potato starches from Ingredion, ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch is processed in the U.S., non-GMO and free from gluten at the source — enabling the label claims you need to address the top trends, with all the functionality and clean flavors you seek.

Mayonnaise with Salad (3)
Mayonnaise with Salad (3)

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ULTRA-TEX 1311 - 70000090

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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