VERSAFIBE™ 285 Soluble Corn Fiber - 70000406

Reduce sugar and deliver fiber — while building back sugar’s bulk and texture

Perfectly browned muffins. Chewy nutrition bars. Creamy chocolates. Consumers want fewer calories and more fiber without giving up the taste and texture they love. 

With Ingredion’s VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber, formulators gain an ideal solution to build back sensory and functional attributes lost when reducing or replacing sugar, contributing up to 25% sugar reduction across a wide range of applications — while also offering the appeal of high fiber, for consumer-friendly product claims.

Offer the appealing feel and texture of sugar

As a low/no-calorie functional build-back (FBB) ingredient, this solution helps you replicate the unique bulking, browning and mouthfeel of full-sugar products. In addition, VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber:

  • Enables reduced sugar and good/excellent source of fiber claims in many foods and beverages
  • Can be used in combination with high-potency sweeteners, such as stevia, to match the sweetness of full-sugar controls
  • Labels as “soluble corn fiber” for clean label appeal

Satisfy the high-fiber demand

More consumers are seeking increased fiber in their foods. However, it can be a challenge to boost fiber without impacting taste or color. With 85% soluble fiber content, VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber provides the clean-tasting solution to differentiate with higher fiber content and consumer-friendly claims in a variety of beverage, bakery and dairy applications.

  • Minimal effect on sensory characteristics
  • High digestive tolerance

Enjoy efficiency on the production line, helping protect your bottom line

VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber delivers ease and efficiency in beverage, bakery and dairy applications, with:

  • High process tolerance and solubility
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent dispersibility

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HI-SET 322 Modified Food Starch

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