ASTRAEA® Allulose

Meet consumer demand for reduced-sugar indulgences

Achieve sweet taste and functionality

More and more consumers are cutting back on sugar — 84% say they have reduced their sugar intakes over the past year.1 In order to keep up with consumer demand, formulators are tasked with finding innovative ways to reduce sugar and maintain great taste. Using high intensity sweeteners to replace sucrose in formulations often requires other ingredients to build back bulk and solids and maintain the products’ sensory appeal. With ASTRAEA® Allulose, you can reduce sugar in your formulation while building back solids and getting the functionality and sugar-like sweetness your consumers expect.

Developed by the global pioneer and leader in rare sugars, Matsutani, this ingredient solution acts and tastes similar to sugar in your formulations while adding almost no calories, and now with FDA guidance, no grams of sugar. With only 0.4 calories per gram, ASTRAEA Allulose acts like sugar in your formulations, offering sweetness, bulking, browning and freeze-point depression properties and providing the formulation benefits you need to create consumer-winning products with fewer calories.

1Mintel, Sugar Reduction Trends, 2017

Worry-free formulating

Supplied in the Americas by Ingredion, ASTRAEA® Allulose has GRAS status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can help you deliver the indulgent, guilt-free treats your consumers want.

ASTRAEA Allulose has a similar taste profile to sugar and is 70% as sweet, helping you formulate great tasting products with fewer calories in a variety of low-sugar products:

  • Beverages
  • Bakery
  • Fruit preps
  • Ice creams and frozen desserts
  • Confectionery products

Now you can create sweetened treats that taste great and that consumers can feel good about with ASTRAEA® Allulose. This innovative, almost calorie-free ingredient solution has a similar sweet taste profile and the key formulation functionality of sugar without contributing to the total or added grams of sugar values on Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels, helping you replace sugar and trim calories without compromising appeal in your products.

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