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NOVATION® Indulge starches

Create indulgent textures, improve nutrition and drive revenue

Innovate delicious, healthier products that grow your brand with clean label co-texturizers

Demand for clean label food and beverages continues to rise as consumer preference for familiar ingredients, attractive labels and exceptional product quality becomes the standard. How can you make your products even more delicious while maximizing brand value?

As leading innovators, Ingredion has proven success in helping our customers develop consumer-winning, clean label products that deliver in terms of taste, quality and eating enjoyment, and our range of innovative, functional native co-texturizing starches is no exception.

Clean label and E-number free, NOVATION® Indulge co-texturizing starches enhance the texture and mouthfeel in foods to increase indulgence, improve quality and drive revenue. They provide superior stability and have a high process tolerance. Typically used with base viscosifiers, these ingredients are effective at low usage levels, easily dispersed and lend a clean taste profile to your application.


Create indulgent eating experiences

Differentiate Greek-style yogurt with an indulgent, thick and creamy texture, or improve the mouthfeel and creaminess of dairy desserts with the latest functional native co-texturizing starch innovation, NOVATION® Indulge 2940.

NOVATION® Indulge starches

Optimize appeal with consumer-preferred labels

Ingredients and ingredient claims are the top-ranked attributes in the consumer purchase decision in North America, and 93% of consumers in the region report reading labels as often or more than they did two years ago. More, claims related to naturality and no additives are among the top drivers for switching brands.1 Labeled simply as “starch,” NOVATION® Indulge co-texturizing starches enable shorter ingredient statements when used in conjunction with other starches to create a simple ingredient list that consumers trust. These ingredients also support “natural/all natural” and “no artificial ingredient” packaging claims, which signal product quality.


Deliver nutritional improvements

NOVATION® Indulge co-texturizing starches are particularly relevant in the context of today’s reduced sugar, low-fat and dairy-free trends, where they can be used to successfully build back the desired creamy mouthfeel. As a fat replacement, these ingredients offer the functionality of a modified starch co-texturizer while helping you meet consumer demand for clean and simple labels.


Drive brand value and maximize profits

Product attributes like smoothness, richness and creaminess are highly influential factors in repeat purchase behavior, but the ingredients commonly used can represent a significant portion of formulation cost and are susceptible to fluctuation. NOVATION® Indulge co-texturizing starches replace fat, protein or other ingredients, providing manufacturers with reduced formulation costs. More, these ingredients enable natural/all natural packaging claims – for which 63% of consumers have expressed a willingness to pay an additional 5% or more – thereby providing manufacturers with the potential to increase revenue.

Ready to learn more? Contact our expert technical team to discover how NOVATION® Indulge starches can help you formulate high-quality, cost-effective clean label products with the eating experience your consumers love.


1 ATLAS, Ingredion Proprietary Consumer Research, 2023

2 ATLAS, Ingredion Proprietary Product Simulator


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