Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier

Deliver oils, colors and actives in beverages with a plant-based, sustainable breakthrough

Transform your beverage emulsification capabilities and efficiencies

The beverage revolution is happening all around us — with consumers demanding more from their favorite drinks, including fun refreshement, exotic flavors, added nutrition, an energy boost, and cleaner, simpler labels.

Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you meet all these trends head on. We’ve perfected this revolutionary ingredient to give you unique and renewable solutions for emulsifying weighted and non-weighted beverages — even clear, fortified or alcoholic beverages.

  • Emulsifies sparkling and still beverages with actives, intense flavors and vibrant colors
  • Enables a high oil load with brilliant clarity, even in alcoholic beverages
  • Helps you to achieve manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies
  • Offers sustainability and environmental benefits throughout the supply chain
  • Stabilizes emulsions and beverages for up to one year

Make startlingly clear beverages you never thought possible

Even when using oil-based colors and flavors, Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier enables you to deliver a difficult color (such as beta-carotene) to a citrus carbonate — or fortify clear water or good-for-you fruit juice with omega-3s. Our patented Random Close Pack (RCP) emulsification technology makes it possible, enabling stable non-weighted flavor emulsions with particle size of 0.08μ to 0.15μ.

Realize dramatic efficiencies for tangible savings

From lower usage levels to new ease in processing, Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you to achieve significant savings along with new formulation flexibility.

  • High oil load — up to four times higher than traditional systems — for lower usage levels
  • Concentrated emulsion reduced inventory/warehousing, shipping and labor costs
  • Solution-ready liquid for easy dispersion
  • Ability to eliminate costly weighting agents in some applications

Move forward with a trusted, sustainable supply chain

Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier is derived from the quillaja tree and grown in Chile using sustainable agriculture practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our exclusive partnership with Chilean growers of quillaja means formulators can have access to a secure source of supply.

Give your beverages the winning edge

This plant-based solution opens new opportunities to enhance beverage appeal and functionality across a vast spectrum of applications:

  • Carbonated beverages
  • Fruit and vegetable juice drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Fortified waters
  • Ready-to-drink teas
  • Clear and cloudy beverages
  • Flavored alcoholic beverages

Let’s make your goals a reality

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